Dropping Out of Society- Not Just for Hippies

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Well, there has to be a fine line between people saying “White is evil and we must surrender ourselves totally to non-white masters” and “We must be a nation of Archie Bunkers and more than likely, meaner than that!). However, there’s not much hope for changing the status quo – without turning devilish – and that probably won’t accomplish anything anyway, so my solution is to drop out of society. I simply believe in enjoying non-mainstream entertainment, education, you name it. Non-mainstream – but not white racialist.

The Oscars? I don’t care. Movies with unnatural casting to satisfy racial quotas? I don’t care. The fact that I have to lower my head to women like some Black in 1950s Mississippi when he dealt with White women? I don’t care.

The bottom line is that I don’t have to seek mainstream entertainment or get overly fussed up by feminists/non-White radicals. Also, I don’t have to join White racialist movements with all the hate, which is actually way worse, either.

O.K., feminists giving me a hard time? Well, they won’t on a webcam site or in a strip club – LOL.  I mean, unless I’m such a monster that I would insult them in chat or grab their ass but think those rules are reasonable!

A side thought

I actually welcome interracial marriages and the changing world and think it’s beautiful. Nonetheless, so much of it is rubbing it in.  There’s so much rubbing it in that I’d rather keep a distance from the mainstream society even while in some ways being in on the changing world.


A lot of non-Whites, women etc. do not hate White people and are not on a war path to rub it in.  However, the media is making this overkill situation, and it’s breeding a lot of White Nationalism.

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