Blacks Have to Act Ghetto – Cause of Bullying by Other Blacks

Well, of course.   However, it shouldn’t matter how a black person acts, but they simply won’t leave soft or “not as cool” ones alone.  Well, I had some experience with that. I was in a mall in Charleston S.C. and – off the bat, one of them says “Get out of my way, honky” – and in a food court, they were giggling “honky” as I waiting in line.

However, that’s not saying middle school white schools in blue-collar land aren’t different.  But you’re unlikely to encounter idiots – after you’ve left grade school, not so in black areas.  Anyhow, though, the bullying in redneck land can be stuff like “paper-wads”, “spit-wads”, being called mean names – basically no different than among blacks.  Also, as with blacks probably, they usually start it – and then make you like the asshole.

Anyhow, to this day, I don’t like white working class people much – because they shit out “working class brats”.  I mean, come on, you don’t think they learn their ways from their parents?


Some of the psycho, obnoxious white types – actually come from white, privileged neighborhoods – and I’m very distrustful of the parents and kids from there also.

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