Alt Left: Wikipedia, Ziopedia, Saffronpedia, or CIApedia?

Wikipedia Is Run by the CIA (among Other Groups)

Wikipedia (which I refer to as CIApedia), is now  partly run by the CIA (among other groups and states such as Israel and Hindu nationalists which also run their respective areas of interest to them) such as, still accuses Libya of the crime and says that the Iran theory is a crazy conspiracy theory. CIApedia has covered up all of the assassinations above, helped frame the patsies, and trashes the truth as “conspiracy theory.”

I know that the top levels of CIApedia administrators are completely infiltrated by pro-Israel Zionists and Indian Hindu nationalists. That’s been proven to me for nearly 15 years now.  I now believe that the US Deep State and the CIA have also seriously infiltrated these same upper levels of admins, although I admit that I can’t prove it. You know, Bellingcat types (Bellingcat is Deep State and CIA)

I swear every time I go to CIApedia to read about US foreign policy, it seems like that website is simply “the history of the world according to the CIA.” I think the CIA has infiltrated the leadership of CIApedia as noted above and has agents and assets who alter articles to promote whatever fake version of reality that the CIA is promoting in whichever US foreign policy event.

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10 thoughts on “Alt Left: Wikipedia, Ziopedia, Saffronpedia, or CIApedia?”

  1. Wikipedia is a complete brainwashing propaganda tool. It’s a shame how many people take it as fact. It considers mainstream media to be a “reliable source,” so if CNN said that 2+2=5, then Wikipedia will probably post it as fact.

    They lock pages which they do not want edited. They locked the page for Holocaust denial and outright called people who deny it as anti-Semites, and we are lead to believe that this is an unbiased website. It is obvious that this site exists to maintain the status quo and control information.

    There are also indeed too many Indian nationalists on Wikipedia, especially Brahmins and others who are always editing crap about their own castes, trying so hard to prove they are White or Aryan. Look at this idiot. He has made an edit every single day for the last 10 years and his profile is full of wannabe White pathetic crap.

    “Ethnicity: Indo-Aryan (with some historical Mlechchha Indo-Scythian)” haha.

    He is a pathetic no-life loser, always reverting other edits that don’t fit into his Brahmin nationalist wannabe Aryan narrative. He’s Bengali Brahmin I’m sure, and aside from wanting to be White, Scythian and Aryan, he also wants to be Kashmiri.

    “For your Information, my forefathers migrated from Kashmir Valley and settled in Bengal, then in North East India.Fylindfotberserk (talk) 19:55, 10 April 2017 (UTC)” lol wannabe Kashmiri. He is also being abusive and racist.

    He will keep citing his pseudo scientific genetic studies to push his agenda. This is why I have no trust on any studies or surveys. They will just take some 100 people of a particular ethnic group and list their DNA results and pretend like it applies to the whole population.

    Even then DNA tests aren’t reliable at all, as it has been proven by people getting different results from different websites. Their results are based on the limited amount of information that already exists in their database then they find matching clusters with other populations and releasing the nonsense results.

    People like this Fylindfotberserk are a perfect example of a pathetic, no-life, no-job, obsessed, fanatic, mentally ill, wannabe white Indian. He has been doing this for nothing. He’s not getting paid for it. He is just obsessed with controlling information in his favor.

    The moderators on Wiki too are always angry and pissed off and are always looking to ban you to shut you up. If you are a new user, then you have no chance arguing against some older member who can dedicate all his time to this website.

    1. Hey! Thanks for the comments! We’ve been communicating by email lately, and it’s nice to see you come on over to the site and comment! Welcome to the site!

    2. Fylindfotberserk

      Do you realize what he is doing? That is pretty much a Nordic or even Norse name. So he has given himself a damned Norwegian name! Denmark is as white as you can get! I am sure that must mean something in some Nordic language.

      1. So, is that a real word? What does that mean? It sounds like something out of a video game. And yeah, that guy is obsessed with wanting to be white.

        1. Not to me. I am a linguist. That word looks Norwegian, Danish, or Swedish to me. I should run it through a translator.

          1. Look at how he talks. He talks in such a condescending manner and these type of guys will probably be made admins in the future.

            I once called him out for being a no life, no job, fat loser and since then he edited his profile. His profile says that he joined wiki when he was 11 so he is supposed to be 21? 22? Apparently he somehow magically manages to study in college, work, and exercise 4 days a week (lol he put this up on his profile) all the while he is making edits on wiki every waking hour.

            If I reverted any of his edits right now, he would go crazy and start reverting back in seconds since he’s online almost the entire day. Perfect example of an insecure loser. He seems to have many mixed psychological issues. He definitely has some deep, repressed insecurities and also some type of an inflated ego. I wonder what you would make of him, his mental state. He may have some traits of mentally ill people.

          2. I think there’s been a few Indians like him here. Not Nordicists but Mayur seemed to wish he was English. Some other guy that spoke like Gollum from LOTR.

  2. Thank you and yes, I have been reading your posts daily. Also, thanks to Rishiji for introducing me to your blogs.

    1. You are most certainly welcome. I think your comments fit in real well with the other commenters here and you should be a great addition to the comments section.

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