Non-Whites Are Very Annoyed When You Mention They’re Racist

One time I publicly asked this Korean teacher,
“If Koreans don’t like the USA, then why do they learn English? I mean, English schools are on every corner.” So he gives me this annoyed “You’re a faggot” look and then says Americans are not the only ones who speak English in an annoyed tone of voice.

But anyhow, the constant irritating racism from Koreans, along with the hypocritical “pity party” they throw – which probably is justified – is enough to drive anyone up the wall.

But of course, I was an inexperienced teacher, so the remark sounded very faggoty and weak, and the Korean this was this typical alpha Korean – smoker, drinker, racist against blacks, Japanese  – a young punk around 20 or something. It’s obvious there was going to be some friction, kind of like I had with that Irish co-teacher.

But looking back, as with the Irish teacher (from another trip over there), all this stuff was so dumb and not worth the time. There were other ways I could have handled it. However, the pressure was mounting at the time – 9/11 had just happened and they were rubbing it in big time, and even worse, they were whining be cause they lost an Olympics contest to an American, and to rub it in further, one that was also half-Japanese .

Why Would I Go Berserk on These Types?

Because they are those Cluster B psychos I think. I mean, I’m not saying everyone should be like Mr. Rogers, but these types are constantly being mean. Eventually, you want to snap back.

Truth of the Matter

I made a huge effort to get along with these types for a long time, but they were relentless in continuing the belittling and the use of you as a “punching bag” for whatever they’re mad about.

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2 thoughts on “Non-Whites Are Very Annoyed When You Mention They’re Racist”

  1. A lot of really smart people – Asians, for instance – end up being racist. Very smart people are often objectively good but may need work on being humane. A lot of Asians and smart folks of any race seem to fall into this category.

    One of the smartest Blacks is an evolutionist.Some of the most kind-hearted people I’ve met are White Christians but they are not the smartest.

  2. Jews in New York have donated 50 ventilators to a Brooklyn hospital for Jews only. But don’t you dare tell them that’s racist.

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