Blacks Have Neanderthal Views of Disabled People and Other Races

Just like Asians and Latin Americans, but who doesn’t? In fact, only the hated SJWs don’t, but they do hate Whites. In fact, the only group who are truly holy are “crying saints” – which would be a mostly consist of a very tiny minority of the church population. It could be more but we wouldn’t know because they’re always praying/giving in the closet, so to speak.

Sure a lot of blacks and others want you to feel sorry for them, and surely they can be sweet about it. However, due to their the fact that they human, the hypocrisy is obvious. Why should I feel pity them when they don’t pity others other than the groups they don’t want to offend directly?

Examples: Latin Americans complain about US imperialism and then tell nigger jokes at a bar. Hypocrisy. But, isn’t calling Blacks niggers imperialism? That’s about as oppressive as it gets!

It’s all childish thinking where we cry about ourselves for stuff we do to others, but we don’t think the problems of others are as important.

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3 thoughts on “Blacks Have Neanderthal Views of Disabled People and Other Races”

    1. Whites exhibiting the same racism as other groups are seen as barbarians. But actually, other races being racist are also barbarians – but not called out on it.

  1. SF is kind of a dinosaur. At least you can learn stuff in the racesphere and manosphere though. I don’t recall ever ending up in lipstickalley after a search. A lot of women are just into modern garbage. We failed them as men and gave them too much freedom with no structure. Not that I’m for totally oppressing them, that just creates a gay culture.

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