Testing in the Age of Covid-19

With all this home-schooling, you got wonder how people are learning.  I mean, especially in math, how are schools supposed to test?   Well, they could devise online testing where you choose 1 answer.  However, a lot of professors respect work done – even if the answer is wrong – but how can online things deal with that?

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One thought on “Testing in the Age of Covid-19”

  1. The worst part of COVID-19 epidemic; dead bodies left to rot in Ecuador. Being a third world country, they just don’t have enough funeral services, doctors, or medics to evacuate the corpses. So, these COVID-19 victims in Ecuador don’t really show up on official statistics. Dead man tell no tales!

    National figures show that Ecuador’s authorities have collected more than 300 bodies from private homes in the city between March 23-30.


    This is how it probably works.
    1) You catch Coronavirus
    2) You don’t notice any symptoms.
    3) One day you are suddenly in pain as doctors and ambulances are going to save the wealthy assholes first.
    4) You die
    5) Your body rots on the streets. No one touches it.

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