People Doing Your Homework for You

Back to School Movie - Spoiler

One scene where the super-rich Rodney Dangerfield has experts brought in to do his homework – and even for his son. However, his son, justifiably is outraged.


Yeah, beyond the comedy aspect, it’s indeed a real industry.  People will buy papers that others write and hand it in for their own.  In fact, you can easily buy them online without much searching.

Anyway, of course, this is morally reprehensible – just as it is for ‘fake degrees” which according to @Robert Lindsay is a pandemic in many places.

What’s more honorable – an honest non-degree or “working on a degree” thing or someone with a fake degree?

Well, with some good references – a non-degree or “working on a degree” person can gain respect and some jobs.   Also, it doesn’t mean the work is necessarily inferior – at least not to a destructive level.

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