SJWs, Religious Police – are Having as Much Fun as Stormfront

Yeah, Believe it or not!

Billy Joel

I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints.  The sinners are much more fun.

Real saints, truly, are not having fun.  But, SJWs, religious police, generally, are not real saints.  That’s my guess!  In fact, they’re having the time of their life – picking on enemies.

But his makes sense:

Because it’s not natural for people to want a fun-less life.  In that case, only the truly devout and holy are actually “not fun”.

Well, SJWs, might not be funny to most people, but they’re funny among themselves and whoever that hates whites, males – or other targeted groups, and honestly, these groups have done a lot to stir up hate – cause that’s just how people are, lol.

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5 thoughts on “SJWs, Religious Police – are Having as Much Fun as Stormfront”

  1. There’s grey area. Most people probably have an SJW side and a Nazi side. I’m impressed with some good Jews and above average blacks, one in particular. Extreme SJWs just like them all, no standards.

    1. Most White people, maybe. Non-Whites, Hell no. You think Alpha’s got a Nazi side. Hell no!

      I sure hope I don’t have any Nazi in me, unless it’s the stuff I like such as the economics and animal rights.

      1. The black version maybe. Wakandan or black panther? There was a time I listened to Malcolm X a lot. Not Nazi level but a similar racial spirit in the same vein. The percentage may vary but I believe we all have a bit or the potential to erupt, even Ned Flanders types.

        1. Of course, non-whites are just as racist as Archie Bunker Whites, SJWs are racist against Whites, and they’re racist against a lot of non-whites too, though they deny it.

          This is all generally speaking.

          I think the general White population has mellowed out, not being as racist as Archie Bunker but not at the level of SJWs either.

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