No-church Shaming

Yeah, no doubt Christians in the Bible Belt shun enemies – and that’s the fun they get in life.  That’s the bullying rush.

Basically, they label all people not like them – as gay, queers, perverts – and honestly, a lot of them are probably racist – unless they happen to run into white-washed blacks, Latinos – who, of course, attend church.

Basically, all of this is a “normie thing” for sure – where whoever is not them – isn’t cool – so subject to whispering, giggles, dirty looks.


Real saints are ignoring non-church people, no matter the tempting fun in picking on them.  Real saints are mature people – obsessed with developing spiritually – and have little free-time to be assholes.   Well, on 2nd thought, they might have free-time, but they just don’t do it.  Doing so would ruin them spiritually.

Besides the fun, why might people have insecurity issues?

Well, among the spiritually immature – the threat of THE OTHER – keeps people in line – solidifies the base.

What about radical atheists etc.. really asking for it, loudmouths?

Believe it or not, real saints would ignore – even the worst jerks on Earth!

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