Naive View of Covid-19 in the South

The Coming Red-State Coronavirus Catastrophe

Last week, in my post on how religion spreads COVID-19, I noted that although there are individual people irresponsibly flouting social-distancing rules, it’s almost exclusively right-wing churches that are arguing they have a right to keep congregating in large groups. I have more evidence for that.

On the conservative Christian side, Jerry Falwell Jr. is refusing to close Liberty University as students return from spring break. Falwell previously derided the pandemic as an “overreaction” and a liberal plot to damage Donald Trump. At least a dozen Liberty students are already sick with flulike symptoms.

Similarly, Rodney Howard-Browne, the Florida pastor who sneered at those staying at home as “pansies”, was just arrested for holding large church services in defiance of a stay-home order.

And to show that this deranged behavior spans the theological aisle: in New York, a Jewish man is suing over the state’s ban on large gatherings, saying that it infringes on his faith.

Pansies?  That’s a good one – lol.

Polling data suggest that Republicans throughout the U.S. are much less concerned about the coronavirus than Democrats are. According to a recent analysis by The New York Times, Trump won 23 of the 25 states where people have reduced personal travel the least.

…Katherine Vincent-Crowson, a 35-year-old self-defense instructor from Slidell, Louisiana, has watched in horror this month as businesses around her city were forced to close by state decree. A devotee of Ayn Rand, Vincent-Crowson told me Louisiana’s shelter-in-place order was a frightening example of government overreach… [She says,] “I’m a libertarian… I don’t really like being told what to do.”

There’s no other option – when it comes to disease.  These philosophies that teach superman ability like white supremacy and libertarian-ism are simply ineffective against real natural disaster.  It’s Kryptonite for them.

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