Indocrination by Woodrow Wilson

When I was at university, I was indoctrinated to a large degree by this math professor.  He was a big Rush Limbaugh fan and with more conversations with him, it was obvious he was a Woodrow Wilson racist.  He even mentioned to me that book “The Turner Diaries” – though not directly.

Anyway, though polite and gentle, he would sneak in the disturbing remarks, like all WNs, like: “I have this t-shirt saying I’m proud to be white.” or mentioning that he’s not marrying someone out of his race (You know like is the “trend” in 1990s universities) or saying “I don’t like Jews.”.

Well, I visited his office because – he was simply very interesting and smart and giving me attention.  Well, these types always target the weak for indoctrination – and I’ve always been an outcast.  Actually, I first went in there wanting math help – but then he mentioned something about God – so first he started turning me into this fundamentalist Christian.

However, his views were not traditional fundamentalist Christianity.  Actually, they were more in-line with mild white identity churches (though I discover till way later).  However, though, his church choices were mainstream Presbyterian churches, though fundamentalist ones.

Anyway, he succeeded at the time into turning me into a Rush Limbaugh conservative, but I never gave into the white nationalist stuff – because it was just “too mean” for me to accept.   I mean, I heard this garbage my whole life.  It never appealed to me – especially since my Dad was often so obnoxious.

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2 thoughts on “Indocrination by Woodrow Wilson”

  1. My teachers were the opposite. I listened to some pro-White Iranian teachers lecture on my own time. Most colleges these days are PC ruled.

    1. Actually, he was the minority – and even probably the minority of the minority – because he was so extreme. Well, that’s why he would say things similar to, “What’s wrong that I have ‘white wife’?”.

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