Are All White Racists the Same in the US?

No, not really.

The first type are people who are simply upset with other races, but it doesn’t lead to obnoxious racism. Those people I can feel for, though I feel like maybe they’re going down a wrong path.

The 2nd type are people who generally accept integration, but they mock/hate other race or certain ones every chance they get. These people are disturbed for sure, but often the kids don’t seriously question their behavior, though they might later.

The 3rd level is people who actually join White Supremacist organizations or become “in the closet” fans. These people are so obnoxious that they outdo the 2nd level.

I feel this group is simply Cluster B types driven over the edge by tragedies like prison time etc..

The Extra Group

The other type are nerdy scientific racists like Woodrow Wilson. These are polite, well educated types but still massively snobby and heartless to many (like Blacks maybe?).

SJWs Think All Racists Are Nazi Bastards

Not really, it’s way more complex, and SJWs fail to see that for the 1st level, it’s pretty much impossible to avoid becoming one unless you’re some saintly type.

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