Why are White Supremacists and Other Cluster B People – Too Mean for their Own Good?

I don’t know.  I mean, they are often very funny.  But it’s in a way that deserves an ass-whipping.  It’s just “too mean”.   How many school-teachers would put up with such vulgarity?  Well, they wouldn’t put up with much of it  – if they had any balls at all!

The bottom line is that cruelty is natural to people on a primitive level – and we see it with kids – and white supremacists, among others (according to @Robert Lindsay, most of the human race).

But this behavior – as with kids, is unacceptable and has to be punished.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I’m human.  I like strip clubs, porn – and I’m not going to kiss the ass of other races/nationalities – when I know they don’t deserve it.  Nonetheless, I know the limit – just like perhaps a gambler or social drinker does.

The Hypocrisy Thing

Well, white supremacists basically hate barbaric obnoxious blacks and other non-whites, especially in prison – when essentially it’s the “too mean for their own good” thing they hate.

But it’s surely: The pot calling the kettle black – lol.

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