Not Able to Build Much of a Civilization

Seems to be the case in Latin America.   Conflicting theories as to why. Lefties and liberation theologians take it as oppression from the first world. In fact, many call it Babylon – basically a land living on borrowed time from Satan. On the other hand, Christians and other conservatives who love the US, UK etc. claim the poverty of the Third World is something they asked for from some moral failure they chose.

Finally, there are the White Supremacists who claim genetics has dictated that the First World would rule over everyone. Huh? But that claim is on shaky ground because many disasters – say Covid-19, nuclear war or something – won’t bypass the rich nations.

Well, it could be that 1st World Whites are the master race, but so what? It won’t save them from disaster. It will only make sure the time until the disaster is very rich and comfortable – lol.

Advantages of the 1st World

Even if you hate Babylon, the advantages – even for the poor – cannot be denied. That’s why they (the poor) flock there. I mean, imagine the difference between Black/White marriage in the USA compared to Brazil.  Well, in the USA it makes a huge difference in things, but I haven’t seen that Brazil has advanced much, especially the lower rungs of society.

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