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The Bible describes the present generation as living in tribulation because it is a generation that has the capabilities to manufacture dangerous viruses and germs as part of its military arsenals to kill off humans in what scientist describe as COSMOCIDE.

The Corona virus, unlike the Ebola, HIV and other “small boys” viruses has hit almost all nations to make it an all time pandemic in history.

Unlike the Ebola and its lesser viruses COVID – 9does not feel shy of Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings, Government Officials, their wives, Children, the Rich and Celebrities.

Africans and people from the Third World Countries are breathing a sigh of relief as the COVID-19 did not originate from Africa or any poor third world country. It would have created a literal apartheid between whites and blacks, the have and poor nations to bring the world in a hate stupor.

Why did the COVID-19 originate from a second world economic power like China to jump to the first economic power the United States of America to Europe and Asia tiger nation?

Is the world experiencing an event that is being controlled from Heaven as part of God’s end time plan?

Babylon Has Fallen Part of God’s plan to bring mankind to its knees prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ is to collapse the very system that began with the Babylonian system.

One thing amazing is how fast the US fell from prosperity – to hell.    Well, that was how it’s described in that Bible chapter – The Fall of Babylon (one hour will fall).  It seems to fit it to a tee.  It’s not like the 2008 thing – where it was bad – but things weren’t paralyzed totally.  I don’t even think this is like 1929.

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3 thoughts on “Interesting Article from Ghana”

  1. I don’t think America will ever be the same. Perhaps that’s what they mean in Rev 18. Well, Rev 18 was talking of total annihilation, but I think it’s more a metaphor for America turning into a zombie-land police state. I mean, for the late 20th century, early 21st century – the US was basically untouchable and it was a place where there is so much freedom to prosper and enjoy entertainment.

    The thing is, there could very well be more viruses or catastrophe – and due to America’s unwillingness to sacrifice life, which is a good thing, though, there simply can’t be a return to normal life.

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