Police State is Inevitable Because of Disasters and Marketing

Well, right now we’re in the midst of a disaster, and my opinion is disasters of this type will keep coming up every few years. In fact, seeing how much damage was done to the US, bio-stuff should be the choice of terrorists and enemy governments.


I can’t really blame sellers, seeing how tough it is to be one. Well, they don’t want to waste money, especially people who don’t have the biggest biz cash-flow going on. In that case, they need extreme details about the buying public.  However, that annoys some because they feel it’s an invasion of privacy.

The Solution

There isn’t one. I mean, if we look at disasters, the US is basically cursed. They’re simply not going to stop fucking with the US just cause InfoWars type people don’t like police state governments, and if there is a bio-disaster, there has to be a police state to protect the people. Call it the Mark of the Beast of whatever – there’s just no way around it.

Now with marketing, I don’t expect a solution because as said, business is tough, and companies and individuals don’t want to lose money.

Racial Supremacists

They want to replace the Jew-controlled police state with a Nazi police state, and, of course, they don’t want a bio-war going on because it increases hated Jew-state power, and they simply don’t have the numbers to manipulate the situation to do what they want. In fact, a stronger US government is not an advantage to them, though at first, I think probably many of them would think so (an increase in tyranny would alienate WNs, etc.).

Being Brash or Praised among Nationalists Is Not Workable in Real Life

The brash real man who says what he thinks, lol – runs into a brick wall among real people.    However, nationalists keep harping that wimps, cucks, or whatever are these quivering cowards who kiss the ass of other races all the time.

However, how much of the quivering is common sense and diplomacy, and how much is degradation?

I mean seriously, if people talked like certain Blacks in a heavily Black area or like people on White Nationalist forums in the presence of other races, there’d be a huge problem, and it’s not cause of PC oversensitivity.

In fact, the best idea when being around another race/nationality is to shut up.

Donald Trump Is Brash

Yeah, he is, but he lives in the massive bubble just like these bigmouths on social media. These people don’t interact with other races in a real sense.

Being Around Another Race Can Be Annoying/Degrading

It can but the alternative of saying what you think is many times worse because ultimately, they don’t care about your opinion.

China Doesn’t Care about Waging Wage Bio-War on the US

Despite the fact that Chinese and other Mongoloids are also snooty racists against a lot of non-Whites, lol, they can see that Americans have killed countless non-Whites as well as the non-White Mongoloids.

In this case, they don’t really give a  bag of beans to launch bio-war, but they won’t come out and admit it out loud, obviously. However, if they did I really think the US is too wimped out to launch nukes. I don’t know what they would do. Well, there would be sanctions. Sanctions, though, would stir up way more trouble leading to war, but then again, nobody has the guts to fight a real war – only proxy wars like Vietnam or Afghanistan.

Anyway, with Yellows, there is no pan-Asian solidarity. That’s why I find this White Power stuff so laughable, since as Europeans as shown over history, are no different, and the other races are the same.

Therefore, in this case, China has no qualms about genociding Japan, but despite all this, they can see that generally, not looking at race,  Americans don’t value lives other than that of Americans, maybe Europeans, and their non-White puppets.

Anyway, this recent virus is to destroy the US economy. It’s not a real killer because the US has 330 million, and only half of 100,000 died. In fact, the projection of 2 million that didn’t come about isn’t even 1 percent of 330 million.

Some People of Both Sexes Like Androgyny in the Other

Yeah, my girlfriend DID NOT like my short haircut I got recently, and she doesn’t like my facial hair. Of course, that’s just an opinion. I’ve got a female relative into short hair who used to pick on me for my long hair for so long.

Anyway, some guys also like tomboys, but I think liking a lot of muscles is not the norm by a long-shot. Tomboys would just be mildly athletic ones and/or ones who dress up in boy clothes.

What’s up with WNs and/or Hardcore Misogynists?

They present this thing where Western guys are pussies and metrosexual, praising backward societies like Russia as the way to be. However, as one commentator noted, tons of women like androgyny, and my opinion is that some androgyny in society adds for variety. In fact, some hyper-macho guys seem like assholes.

On another thought, I think these hardcore misogynists are haters. They’re nerds, not getting my women.  This is a suspicion.

Middle School Discrimination

That age is heavy into conformity, but actually, into high school it seems like being a rebel is more liked, even in the Bible Belt. However, these racistd and misogynists seem to be stuck in in elementary/middle school.

Covid-19 As the Disease of the Rich

I was reading this in National Review, an ultra-conservative magazine, recently, and while I don’t agree with the magazine as a whole, they had some points.

It was definitely the better off – even if just upper-middle class – bringing in the disease from abroad because who goes abroad? Well, the folks at your local fast food restaurant generally won’t go. Even if they save enough money, it’s not to go to Paris.

Anyway, we certainly cannot ban overseas travel – assuming no pandemic is going on – just because elitists might bring a disease to kill our working poor.

Other Observations from the Article
  • In fact, elitists who champion the environment use more fuel via jets than most people do in their lifetime. Well, that was the claim.
  • Elitists seem to condescendingly advise everyone about diseases.

Despicable 1st World Types in the Third World

We know the type -smoke, drink, do 5 dollar whores in Central America, yeah, yeah. Maybe this type even tells nigger jokes in his small town while he had 20 black hos lined up in Atlanta.

Anyway, I might slam “puritan assholes” on racist forums, but at least they have integrity. There is a certain joker that has no integrity, and he tries to laugh off criticism.

But I’m wondering. Considering this persona I mentioned is around so much misery, wouldn’t their heart soften up enough to feel bad? Well, it already has some, as we might occasionally run across a douchebag guilt trip thing sounding like Jimmy Buffet’s Come Monday song – lol.

Anyway, to be a saint you might have be a sinner first. I mean, you gotta get into the clutches of sin to see how bad it is. It’s a purgatory thing.

Are Only Desperate Whites Dating Asians?

Well, if they are, then I suppose justice really does reign down on the weak – lol. Well, handicapped, older, nerdy, and fat guys are getting some really hot women for sure. Can we really say White women are better? I think it’s subjective, honestly, and many Asians are certainly a match for any White woman who makes a strong effort to improve herself.

Anyway, the same can be said for Latinas, including black ones like Dominicans. Well, maybe it could even be said for Africans (Have you seen those naked Zulu Virgin ceremonies?)

Un-elitist Cultures as Soft

Well, back in the day Jesus Christ got massive heat – and not surprisingly crucified – because he challenged the elitist Jewish culture, which had good reasons to be elitist but had gone overboard.

A big argument of anti-liberals economic and/or social is that liberals are too soft, and perhaps these types may praise some or all modern groups like Northeast Asians, Jews, far-Right Whites, etc..

However, has toughness become a scared cow?  Jesus thought it was and was willing challenge it.  It took a lot of toughness to diss a tough culture, ironically!


Hospitals Not so Good for Many People

It seems like it.

In fact, a lot of people dying in hospitals are in their 20s and 30s. I don’t know what’s up with that. It could be personal vengeance due to racial prejudice, neglect because of poverty, or simply that the patients don’t take care of themselves well.

Personally, I think something’s up and it’s mostly not the patient’s fault.

Typical victims:

  • Poor
  • Black or having something to do with Blacks
  • Diabetic
  • Mental illness

When Michael Moore is critical of the US health system, I have to agree.

Causes of death:

  • Problems related to diabetes
  • Babies dying
  • Women dying because of lack of good care before and after the baby

One Result:


Note: Some of these things are my suspicions, – but it is a fact the third cause of death in hospitals is medical error; in fact, some or a lot of which may be caused by lack of training. The other things I mentioned are simply some of the typical victims.


Afterward Chris said he discovered that pharmacy technicians rather than well-trained and educated pharmacists are compounding nearly all of the IV medications for patients. And many states have no requirements or proof of competency for these pharmacy technicians.

Lulu “To Sir, With Love”

“To Sir, with Love” from the album, To Sir, With Love (1967). Also a soundtrack to a movie of the same name starring Sidney Poitier. Very, very nice.  She is a 19 years old girl in that video above.

in Incredibly,  here she is, 40 years later, at age 59. She looks as good as she did at 19 and maybe even better! She’s not only knockout dead gorgeous, but her voice is as good as it was three decades ago. I told you women my age can be hot. Well, a few of them anyway.

Those schoolgirl days
Of telling tales
And Biting nails
Are gone
But in my mind
I know they will still live on and on

But how do you thank someone
Who has taken you from crayons to perfume?
It isn’t easy, but I’ll try

If you wanted the sky
I would write across the sky
In letters
That would soar a thousand feet high:
“To Sir, with love”

The time has come
For closing books
And long last looks
Must end
And as I leave
I know that I am leaving my best friend

A friend who taught me
Right from wrong
And weak from strong
That’s a lot to learn
What, what can I give you in return?

If you wanted the moon
I would try to make a start
But I would rather you let me give my heart:
To Sir, with love

If you wanted the moon
I would try to make a start
But I would rather you let me give my heart:
To Sir, with love

Rolling Stones, “Dead Flowers”

The Rolling Stones, “Dead Flowers” from Sticky Fingers (1970)

Great music from the Rolling Stones here from one of their best albums and in fact, one of the greatest rock and roll albums ever made. The Rolling Stones, the original bad boys.

From Elvis and Chuck Berry -> Rolling Stones -> Velvet Underground -> MC5, Stooges, Pink Fairies, Blue Cheer,  etc. ->  Glam rock  David Bowie, T.  Rex, Mott the Hoople, Queen, Lou Reed, Aerosmith, Roxy Music, Eno, Todd Rundgren -> Proto-Punk: New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers  -> Punk Rock!

Well, when you’re sitting there
In your silk upholstered chair
Talkin’ to some rich folk that you know
Well I hope you won’t see me
And my ragged company
Well, you know I could never be alone

Take me down little Susie, take me down
I know you think you’re the queen of the underground
And you can send me dead flowers every morning
Send me dead flowers by the mail
Send me dead flowers to my wedding
And I won’t forget to put roses on your grave

Well, when you’re sitting back
In your rose pink Cadillac
Making bets on Kentucky Derby Day
I’ll be in my basement room
With a needle and a spoon
And another girl to take my pain away

Take me down little Susie, take me down
I know you think you’re the queen of the underground
And you can send me dead flowers every morning
Send me dead flowers by the mail
Send me dead flowers to my wedding
And I won’t forget to put roses on your grave

Take me down little Susie, take me down
I know you think you’re the queen of the underground
And you can send me dead flowers every morning
Send me dead flowers by the U.S. Mail
Say it with dead flowers in my wedding
And I won’t forget to put roses on your grave
No, I won’t forget to put roses on your grave

Some Conspiracy Theories Could be Right – While Others Aren’t

Obviously, some are idiotic  – but it’s not a reason to dismiss all of them.  I mean, I can’t stand those “all logic” types like radical atheists – who think everything has to be logical.  Well, what they really mean is “normie” because logic might actually highly support some conspiracy theories.

However, it’s just not cool to say things like, “Well, Covid-19 has a significant chance of being a bio-weapon.”.  Well, I can understand, though, why the truth would cause too much trouble for society. It’s kind of like the rationale of why black crimes are hidden by a liberal media.  It’s”fear of the mob”. In other words, people will become – way too hateful and irrational.

O.K., imagine America’s news networks constantly 24/7 acting like white nationalist sites.   What would be the result?

Covid-19 Origin Lies


Zhengli and her fellow researchers admit they used a “reverse genetics system” to generate “a chimeric virus expressing the spike of bat coronavirus,”25 raising legitimate fears that COVID-19 is also reverse-engineered, according to “Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Virus.”

Virologists wrote to Nature that they were uncomfortable with the fabricated chimeras Zhengli and her colleagues produced. Simon Wain-Hobson, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, warned, “If the virus escaped, nobody could predict the trajectory.”26

According to Mikovits, the S proteins seen on COVID-19 that make it so transmittable to humans come from “cutting and pasting of two different viruses” and the apparent insertion of four new genes could not have been generated from a natural “zoonotic transmission.”28

They had to come from a medical, bioweapons or lab setting, says Mikovits. Other scientists in the film agree that COVID-19 is a re-engineered, laboratory-driven virus.29

General Robert Spalding, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and a former senior strategy director at the National Security Council, believes the media have suppressed coverage of lab-driven viruses to keep lucrative Chinese revenue streams. The viruses could be intended by the Chinese to reap rewards for a vaccine that targets them or as bioweapons, he says:30

“I believe they have them [bioweapons]. I believe that they’re developing them and I think they want to be the most advanced nation on earth when it comes to biological weapons.”

And why wouldn’t they?  But it’s too politically in-correct and conspiracy-theory-ish to say that.

Censorship by the Chinese government is the rule, not the exception, according to “Tracking Down the Origin of the Wuhan Virus.” On January 10, 2020, a Chinese lab released the entire genome sequence for the scientific community to analyze, but subsequently the lab was closed.34 Zhengli’s Institute of Virology’s P4 Lab was taken over by the military after COVID-19 surfaced, says the film.35

The censorship was reminiscent of the case of Dr. Li Wenliang, the whistleblowing Chinese doctor who contracted the virus while working at Wuhan Central Hospital, and who tried to warn others. Wenliang was investigated for “spreading rumors” and died of the virus on February 7, 2020.36 The Chinese government later apologized. Chinese researchers who originally talked to Philipp later refused to do so, he says.37

Jews – “Using” Groups to Get at Enemies

Well, in regards to blacks, sure enough – most black liberation ranging from promoting blues, Motown etc to Civil Rights legislation has been funded by Jews.  However, at the same time, the Jews don’t really like blacks.  They’re just being used. Well, maybe they get a few “useful idiot Jews” to do their bidding and maybe they care – but the Jews as whole – don’t care.

Anyway, some have been quick to seize on this like black racists: The Nation of Islam, probably others.  In fact, these groups hate Jews as much WNs.   However, though, despite the hate is odd thing where Muhammad Ali got along so well with Howard Cosell, a Jew – lol.

Anyway, people “using others” is as old as anything in politics.  The US does it all the time.  For instance, it supported Saddam Hussein – until he got too crazy – and then demonized him as Satan, himself.  Why?  Because he attacked Kuwait.  But who really cares about Kuwait?  It’s a rich spoiled nation far away – far away from ordinary Americans.  Well, we do need the oil, but you know, a big difference between Kuwait and, say, Rwanda – where the US did diddly squat – even with a genocide going on.


The fruits of being used can be very positive, though. I mean, if Jews hadn’t used blacks – would the US have ever changed into what we see now?  In fact, the Jews pushed so hard with “goody two-shoes – forced love and tolerance” that we actually have too much of it. It’ evident in these Hollywood movies where the diversity seems “forced and fake”.  It’s evident with gays writing pro-gay books for pre-schoolers (Eeeek!!!).


Do Jews really use blacks and others, generally?  Where’s the proof?  Feel free to post some in the comments.

The Problem Of Jewish Snobby-ness and the Bible

Well, Jesus addressed all this stuff with his conversations with the Pharisees where he was basically criticizing them for being like modern day Jews, White Nationalists, Northeast Asians etc..

In fact, these groups were simply heartless snobs – whose rules etc.. were not coming from a good motive and used in the correct fashion.

For instance, some were so strict – they wouldn’t break the Sabbath idea of work – even to save a dying animal.

So basically, these are some closed-minded folks, kind of like these white nationalists – who cannot they may not be right about a lot of things – or perhaps even they are strongly wrong about many things.

Well, in the Bible Jesus was saying they were blind.    Well, basically, this is a metaphor for closed-mindedness.   This close-mindedness I think was because they’re just mean people.   They’ve devolved into a Cluster-B mindset.

People are Taking Me Seriously

O.K., I sent out this email and got a reply back – and it was something like “Well, we’d like to post your ad – but we only accept quality sites.”


The next email stated they would LOVE to post my ad on their high-traffic site.  YAY!!!!

People are now taking my musical efforts seriously maybe.  But then again, what I was creating wasn’t no joke – but you know we all have our self-doubt.


I still feel it’s a tough battle to get those buyers.  However, I think with more endorsements, but hopefully not selling out – I can attract more.

Churches Create Racists

In fact, churches are obsessed with purity and stuff – so this can translate into racism. In fact, the racism in the South USA was highly fueled by churches – BECAUSE – it was the Bible Belt – just like it is now.

Well, I did mention the mainstream Bible book printed in the 60s – where The Curse of Ham was taken seriously – lol.

The Problem of the Weird Thing

Well, black and white comes across as weird in the south cause – blacks and whites generally don’t hang out – at least not in smaller towns – normally cause there are way less blacks.

And you know – whatever that is different is weird – ooooohh, Yuck, lol.  Yeah, that sound really snotty and stupid – but that’s often the way many people think.  In fact, they think like snotty lilly white Valley girls – lol.  Well, I did mention all the snotty-ness directed toward me in my rural county.

Is Living Among Another Race/Nationality Always Humiliating?

White racists go on about “cucks” and black racists about “Uncle Toms” – but seriously – plenty of people do cross-culture things without massive humiliation.   In fact, many of them are practically worshiped by the other group – but this very stupid usually.   One example of it is “white worship”.  It’s when another group is always kissing your ass – because they see you as superior.  It’s actually “not very cool” – to be honest.  It comes across as fake – and I’m sure many get tired of it.

People Just Ignored But not Worshiped

Well, I think a lot of white women living among blacks are respected, not humiliated – but they aren’t worshiped.

Inferior People

Some people have a tough time among other races – cause they’re not seen as the “best among their race”.

The most obnoxious self-righteous races – are massively obsessed with being perfect – so they highly shun – even people with problems they (the out-group people) weren’t responsible for (disability etc..).

White Women Marrying Blacks Haven’t Adopted Black Culture

But the blacks don’t care – as long as the got their trophy.  Nah, well, women aren’t supposed to say much, so they’ll just wallow in the background.  As long as they don’t come across as too weird among a bunch of blacks with their “jive talk” then fine.

Anyway, as a commentator on here stated, I don’t think the white women like black people that much. In fact, they only love their husband and kids.  It’s a hunch.

Obnoxious Self-Righteousness

White Nationalists and Jews: Similarities

Yeah, that’s pretty much the theme of the article above.  In fact, when I was saying that WNs are too intellectual – rather than being rednecks, that’s sort of what I meant.  I mean, the self-righteousness of WNs would annoy common blue-collar people – even though, WNs wet-dream that they’re the working class.

Northeast Asians

They’re also very similar to Jews and white nationalists.   They are sickening snobs – anyway you look at it – and the richer they are – the worse.

Racism Around the World

People are racist everywhere to various degrees but outside Jews etc.. it’s not hardcore – though it’s worse on some out-groups than others.  For instance, blacks are looked down upon violently in many parts of the third world.

Anyway, racism coming from these poor groups doesn’t have the self-righteousness of Jews – cause simply whatever these poor people say racist, they’re still very poor.

People Assume “The Same Kind” is a Good Move

Well, marrying your own kind doesn’t always improve your group.  In fact, if you marry into trash, you have a good chance of devolving into trash.  It’s because they have a greater influence on your behavior, then you have on them.  It’s usually the way it goes -and that’s why Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, strict Christians – won’t marry unbelievers.

Now marrying another groups – also might not improve things.  In fact, blacks and other non-whites are loaded with problems that would drag down “moral whites”.   However, though, some aren’t.   There are even poor ones that aren’t.

Anyway,the WN motivation for racial purity isn’t totally about morals – but this could lead them into a death trap – as they assume white people are better than might really be – or perhaps they could change “bad whites”.  They might think, “Well, at least they’re racist.  What bad could they be or – at least they will listen to advice.”.

Whites Under Siege

Pure Whites and also Pure African Americans, but not Africans for sure – lol – are decreasing in number.   The whites are decreasing cause they live in a urbanized society with few children while third world nations are still in an agrarian one.

Now, myself, I think it would be great to have a lot of everyone – cause that reduces racial conflict.   Therefore, anti-race mixing isn’t the answer – but rather, certain groups having more children.

BTW: African Americans are a lost cause.  Let’s just assume they’re a mixed race with mostly African heritage.

Alt Left: White Nationalists and Jews: Similarities

First of all, this piece wishes to point out how, as much WN’s absolutely hate Jews, they act quite a bit like the Jews that they hate so much. WN’s are like Jews with somewhat different European genetics and a different religion. WN’s and Jews are ultimately just two White tribes who hate each other’s guts

I am sure it is insulting to Jews to say that WN’s, their worst and most murderous enemies, are similar to Jews. I am not saying that Jews are like WN’s. WN’s are like Jews more than Jews are like WN’s. But the two groups are more similar than you think.

The extreme gatekeeping of WN’s shows just how much they are like the Jews they hate.

Let’s see how much WN’s resemble Jews:

    • Think they are superior to all other ethnic groups? Check.
    • Think assimilation will be the death of this Master Race? Check.
    • Oppose racemixing to keep the purity of the Master Race? Check.
    • Falsify history to make themselves look good? Check.
    • Be horrible dindus about literally everything? Check.
    • Claim to go back in time for way longer than they existed? Check.
    • Think they deserve some special homeland to preserve their superior status? Check.
    • Addicted to being victims? Check.
    • Demonize outgroups? Check.
    • In general, not being very nice and really just being serious assholes in general? Check.
    • Act rude, arrogant, belligerent, aggressive? Check.
    • Don’t care about saving the lives of outgroups? Check.
    • Believe they are the creators of modern Western civilization? Check.
    • Believe that they are the most creative and innovative people on Earth (Look at all the patents!)? Check.
    • Harbor strong dislike of Blacks? Check.
    • Engage in massive gatekeeping to keep out fakers (mongrel Whites with one, converts and Ethiopians with the other)? Check.
    • Think lighter skin is better (Nordicism in one, Ashkenazi anti-Mizrachi racism in the other)? Check.
    • Act like they are special or chosen people in an almost Calvinist “Elect and Preterite” sense? Check.
    • Act paranoid? Check.
    • Cry about discrimination? Check.
    • Obsess about with their enemies? Check.
    • Engage in racial suicidality? Check.
    • Bully others? Check.
    • Engage in profound exceptionalism? Check.
    • Obsess about “traitors” among their own kind? Check.
    • Ultimately totalitarian and collectivist in nature, if not in economics? Check.
    • Strong attraction to Libertarianism? Check.
    • Desire a fascist ethnic nationalist state? Check.
    • Obsess about purity, either racial or religious or both? Check.
    • Always right, never wrong? Check.
    • Blame enemies for all misfortunes? Check.
    • Take no responsibility for their own failures? Check.
    • Desire to dominate outgroups either economically or politically? Check.
    • Want complete control over the media and entertainment industries? Check.
    • Loyal to their own kind first and to humanity in general, second or often not at all? Check.
    • Dual loyalty? Check.
    • Believe they are morally superior to outgroups? Check.
    •  Obsess about contamination and purity. Check.
    • Object to mixing with outgroups racemixing or intermarriage)? Check.
    • Feel that outgroups are impure? Check.
    • Fear that contact with outgroups will contaminate their purity? Check.
    • Obsession with revolutions (military, political or cultural) to achieve their goals? Check.
    • Often engage in subversion, machinations and conspiratorial plotting? Check.

So, Jews are White nationalists? Not really. But similarities are there. It’s just that WN’s are so much worse. As bad as Jews can act, they’re just not Nazis, sorry.

Yet, White nationalists are Jews? Heck yeah. They’re worse than Jews; they’re out and out kikes. They hate Jews but they’re nothing but a bunch of kikes themselves! Oh, the irony.

Alt Left: The Modern Jewish Nation Is Murderous and Genocidal, But So Are Many Nations, Especially the US

Jews are not monstrous genocidal maniacs on the level of the Nazis, though the genocidal Jewish monsters in Israel surely give Nazis a run for their money. It’s all pretty sad. Innocent Jewish people get murdered by genocidal Master Race supremacist racist maniacs. So what do Jews do in response? Turn into genocidal Master Race supremacist racist murdering maniacs. Sure the Nazis killed a lot more and did it in a more up close and personal manner. But Jews are genocidal too.

Jews declared war on the Iraqi People in 2003 and used Jewish control over the US state to attack and destroy Iraq for no reason at all other than the state being hostile to Jews. The UK helped. As a result, 1.4 Arab Iraqis were killed, basically slaughtered by Jews and their American and British allies.

Next, the Jews along with their US, Turkish, Saudi, British, French, UAE, Saudi, and NATO allies launched a war on the Syrian people using Al Qaeda and similar terrorists to destroy the country and massacre its people. 500,000 people died. Jews are partly responsible for the deaths of those 500,000 people.

Prior to that, the Jews along with the US and the UK imposed a no fly zone on Iraq. The purpose of this was to exterminate the Iraqi people via terror disease plagues by not allowing their to treat their waste water. This caused Iraqis to drink contaminated war, causing the death of 500,000 Iraqi children. The Jews absolutely helped slaughter those kids.

The Jews assisted the US, British, Saudi, UAE, Sudanese, and Egyptian war on the people of Yemen. The war has had genocidal overtones as the aggressors, including the US attempted to starve the Yemeni people into defeat. In Iraq, the Jews, the US, and the UK tried to exterminate people with plagues.

In Yemen, the same people tried to exterminate people with a error famine. Deliberate terror famines caused by the Saudis and their allies in addition to a scorched Earth campaign against the Yemeni people and their civilian infrastructure killed at least 200,000 Yemenis.

First plagues, then famines. The Americans and the Jews are almost Biblical in the ways they go about exterminating their enemies. What’s next? Locusts?

All told, the Jews have their hands in the murder of 2.1 million of their racial enemies, the Arabian people. The conclusion is inescapable:

Modern Jews are killers.

The Jews are not alone in their murderous and genocidal behavior. The US, UK, NATO, Turks, Saudis, UAE, Qatar, Sudanese, and Egyptians are also murderous genociders.

Of these the worst by far are the Americans and the British, particularly the former, with direct hands in the deaths of 2.1 million Arabian people. The British mostly stood on the sidelines and cheered the US on. The Saudis and UAE are next. They have the blood of 700,000 Arabian people on their hands all because of their genocidal hatred of the Shia Muslims.

Next are the French and Turks, with the blood of 500,000 Arabs on their hands. The Turks because of their genocidal hate of the Shia Muslims, and the French because they are American suck-ups and sidekicks and in particular strong allies of the genocidal Jews.

Check out President Macron of France, who was placed directly into office by the notorious family of Jewish monsters in the UK, the Rothschilds. Macron is essentially working for Lord Rothschild. There’s no other way to put it.

The Egyptians and Sudanese had a role in 200,000 deaths. The only reason for their role in the killing is their murderous hatred of the Shia Muslims.

Alt Left: Zionism Has Turned Some of the Best People into Some of the Worst People, and This Is Sad

I would like to point out that outside the Zionist political formation and state in Israel, the Jews are not responsible for many if any deaths. They’re hardly killers, and much less murderous genociders.

This is what their involvement with Zionism has done to the Jews: it has turned this relatively pacific people into murderous and genocidal maniacs.

Jews peaceful? Sure. Look at the quiet dignity and altruistic, even self-sacrificing manner in which the Jews went to their deaths in World War 2. The Holocausted Jews are close to the definition of “pure victims,” who did little if anything wrong to justify their persecution and extermination.

I am not commending the way that the Jews went to their deaths. They were mostly blindsided. There were armed Jewish resistance groups, mostly in Poland, Belarus, and the Ukraine. Jews were probably members of most of the anti-Nazi resistance groups in Europe.

The Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto waged a hopeless if supremely noble act of resistance. But there was an air of supreme self-sacrifice or pure victimhood in this battle too. These Jews in Warsaw knew they were headed to their deaths but decided to go down fighting rather than be taken peacefully. This is among the most noble ways a man can die.

Of course I would have preferred if the Jews fought back more, but as I said, they were mostly blindsided. The non-Jews in the Nazi-conquered areas didn’t fight back much more than Jews. The Nazis quickly overran all of these countries and were in control almost before any resistance could appear. They ruled with iron control.

I am not “blaming Jews” for going placidly to their deaths like sheep either. If the 70 years since the establishment of Israel has shown us anything, it is that Jews are definitely fighters and are quite capable of killing their enemies to survive.

I am only saying that the way in which they solemnly marched to their deaths approaches “pure innocence,” oddly enough a Christian trait. The Jews who did this were nearly saintly in their ultimate self-sacrifice, especially the doomed fighters of the Warsaw Ghetto, who should be  revered as some of the finest of men .

I am sure many Jews will object to being compared with their worst enemies, the Christians. Fine, this is how they are. Let them rage on. This is their nature – to see faults and enemies everywhere every time a non-Jews breaches the subject of the Jews. Jews are nothing if not paranoid. That it’s understandable doesn’t mean it’s not disordered.

However, I would like to point out that there are extremely noble aspects to the Christian faith, and it’s a much more morally demanding religion than Judaism, acknowledged by Jews themselves in their many jokes about Christians being goody-goods, fools, suckers and knaves who act so good that they harm themselves. But even there, we see the ultimate self-sacrifice embedded in the Christian religion.

I don’t care what Jews say. The Christian notions of ultimate self-sacrifice, pure innocence, and the saintliness that ensues is one of the crowning moral achievements of the human race. Everyone knows Christians are too good for their own good. That’s as clear as air. But it’s also paradoxically the entire rationale for the religion in the first place. As the Jewish convert Saint Simone Weil* noted, it’s pretty easy to be a Jew, but its awful hard to be a Christian.

Christianity is one of the most morally demanding religions, and this is its Achilles Heel. Most humans are simply not good enough to be good Christians. People don’t want to be that good. They want to be a bit bad instead. But a religion that demands the ultimate in self-sacrificing morality can hardly be faulted. Someone who is too good for his own good is still a very, very good person, let’s face it.

What I am saying here is that a lot of the behavior of the Jews during the Holocaust resembles saintliness, a moral pinnacle for human behavior. Yes, many of them died. But they died by being some of the finest people on Earth.

And here is the saddest thing about Zionism. Zionism has turned Jews into their worst enemies in the name of survival. It turned some of the finest people on Earth in terms of pure saintliness into murderers and genociders. And this is a very sad thing.

Why are Blacks Considered one of the Least Attractive Races?


Can you believe some of these comments?

Why is red red? Why is water wet? Why is air breathable?

Negroes are considered the least attractive across the world (even by their own) because they are.

😆  ha ha

If when you say “Blacks” you mean the Negro race, then it is obvious their features are the least attractive of all races.

This is because they are the descendants of Cain, who because of jealousy murdered Abel and then lied to the Lord and denied all.
As punishment, Cain and his descendants were separated and marked to discourage intermarrying.

The worst of these racists are the religious ones, as with slaveholders cause not only are they being racist but they’re defacing and making a mockery of Christianity.

However, truth be told, I looked through a Bible Study book published in the South USA from the 60’s, and low and behold, they seriously mentioned the Curse of Ham as the reason for problems of Blacks.

When I look at blacks I see outdated farm equipment. Call me crazy…

Oh, the compassion – LOL.

Black skin usually meant you were a lower person, a peasant, and you worked in the fields, so that’s why you might see many Asians trying to lighten their skin. Anything that is dark means you are covered in dirt so you are unclean.

As for Black people, well, most are primitive, and it’s honestly on them to improve themselves. They don’t take responsibility for their actions but keep, odd word, but chimping out.

So it’s more that their attitudes turn people from them first and then also their looks. And if European men were stronger fathers, there’d hardly be any race-mixing or mass rapes by Black men on European women. I wouldn’t say women should be afraid of them, more like cautious and never go near them for their safety. And if a White man wants them to be next to a Black man, she should walk away from said White man.

This guy is from Texas? It’s so scary to imagine people with his views living in your neighborhood.

Summing it Up

What I find especially amusing and disturbing is despite all the access to modern media available now and the fact that obviously they have had contact with non-Whites probably as much as many people have, they still have these comically ignorant views.

Jews Were Banned from the Trades

They were banned from trades that allowed for Christian respectability.

Anyway, they’re kind of similar to me in that my inability to get along with people keeps me out of jobs. It also keeps me hiding away, and that causes me to be more into deviancy (a Jewish stereotype). I’d be a lot less into porn if I wasn’t in my room all the time -lol!

I’m forced into internet marketing, another city-slicker/uppity thing that blue-collar people and anti-Semites despise. They think it’s just an excuse. Yeah, it is – because I’m hiding. However, I am actually real good at it. I’m on the verge of something big,though now I am only in Phase 2 of trying to reach the super-fans, and that’s the test of man-geekhood. It’s really trying time – like going through Army boot camp.

You Don’t Need a Rough-and-Tumble Blue Collar Job

Nah, never mind what I said. However, mark my words, college degrees are getting tough as something to get jobs, and supermarket and fast food jobs simply don’t pay enough.

One solution is to simply get into internet marketing. But that’s tough without brains and a large bankroll. Yet you might be able to get loans.  I would focus on getting as many social media followers as possible. That’s the first step.

However, those are pretty easy to get, and they’re not too expensive (except for niches like web hosting), but they require sacrifice. But the 2nd step of contacting the leads, at least on Facebook, can be expensive.

It’s something like 10 to 20 cents for the followers and a dollar each to contact. The worst part, though is they simply may not want to buy your product despite the fact they like it. In fact, it would take a large bankroll to get past them, to the people  known as super-fans who will buy whatever you tell them to.

Black Women Hate White People

A lot of them do because many Black guys want White women instead of them. In fact, these Black women will even express hostility even toward Whites they like, though at a less severe level.

Save the Last Dance Movie - Spoiler

So in the movie Save the Last Dance, the part where the Black teen hates the new White teen coming to the Chicago school is very realistic.


There are other reasons for them to hate Whites. A lot of Blacks run into racist Whites, and they also experience painful job discrimination in White areas.


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