Just Watched “Down by Law”


That is one fine movie! It’s one of his best, up there with Dead Man and Stranger than Paradise. If you liked those movies, go check out this one from 1984!

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One thought on “Just Watched “Down by Law””

  1. 1984 was a fantastic year for cult movies. I have seen the following 1984 releases

    Stranger than Paradise
    Karate Kid Probably the first English movie I saw as a child
    A Nightmare on Elm Street I’ll say Wow to this one.
    Indiana Jones and the Temple of DoomIt was OK the first time I saw it. But this movie kinda grew on me.
    The Terminator I’ll kill any motherfucker that trashes this movie. Fucking wow.
    Beverly Hills Cop Again, wow
    Sixteen Candles All the incels should watch it but even if you’re an Alpha jerk, it will teach you sensitivity in relationships.
    Revenge of the Nerds How can you not love this? Again, recommended for incels but everyone’s gonna enjoy it.
    The Bounty Anthony Hopkins and Mel Gibson starring in an epic movie based on the 18th century mutiny in HMS Bounty.
    Friday the 13thMotherfucking good!
    Streets of FireMotherfucking ’80s action
    Body DoubleSex and sleaze lovers yes
    The Woman in RedSweet movie. I watch it for that Stevie Wonder song “I just called to say I love you”
    A Passage to IndiaBased on a famous novel by E.M. Forster. Everyone watch it before you die.

    It was a truly astounding year – 1984. The world should have ended then rather than dragging all the way to 2020. Still not too late to binge watch these 1984 classics before we get our appointment with God, which might be very soon. I have a foreboding that I may not survive the Corona…I welcome it very well. If I watch even half of this collection, I will have a truly great time before I finally croak.

    Have fun folks.

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