Alt Left: It’s Possible to Be So Good That You are Bad!

The SJW’s are obnoxious and even wicked because they are too good. That’s the bitter truth. You can be so good that you are basically evil! Think of stern Puritans in New England, Dante staring down at every citizen as a sinner in 15th Century Florence, and even fundamentalist Muslims, the main problem of whom once again is that they are too good for the most part. Shariah Law expects you to be too good. That’s why it’s downright evil!

If some stern religious policeman is beating me up for looking at a woman or a radical feminist is firing me from my job for doing the same thing, in both cases I am being persecuted for acting like a human being and not being enough of a goody good choirboy. I’ma call the guy who is beating me up and the bitch who got me fired evil scum, sorry. Sanctimonious people who expect everyone to be saints are actually so good that they’re bad!

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4 thoughts on “Alt Left: It’s Possible to Be So Good That You are Bad!”

  1. Well, one solution to that. You simply don’t talk about social justice and/or religion! Well, it works for most people – but then again, it’s so cowardly – lol.

  2. The math professor I mentioned in my recent article – is one of those “religious police” types, so I’m well aware. O.K., on top of that, he’s also a massive racist, making him worse than the Muslims.

    1. So he’s very, very good and he’s also very, very bad. Why am I thinking a lot of these types are like that.

      And yeah, SJW’s remind of the Muttawa religious police in Saudi Arabia. They act exactly like them.

      SJW’s are party poopers. They’re as much fun as a turd in the punchbowl. Really weird and humorless people. Do they even tell jokes about anything? How do they tell jokes without saying one of the 8 million things they regard as offensive and bigoted?

      1. SJWs, religious police etc. get their fun thru the same way un-SJW bullies do. They bully and are mean (heterophobia, white-phobia, redneck-phobia, male-phobia). I mean, everyone has to have fun, and everyone does!

        Now a true saint isn’t having fun. I guess that’s just the price you pay. But assuredly SJWs etc… are not saints, and they’re getting their kicks.

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