Alt Left: The SJW’s Have It Wrong: Whites are Not the Worst People on Earth; Instead They Are the Best People on Earth

Examples: Americans feel bad about slavery and the American Indian genocide and have frankly already made significant reparations in all sorts of ways to both groups.

Don’t listen to Indian and Black SJW race hustlers. No one other than Whites would have sacrificed so much of their self-interest and behaved as altruistically towards formerly exploited groups as Whites have.

Show me one other group of people anywhere on Earth that has acted out this much guilt and self-abnegation and been so giving and even self-sacrificing towards people they used to exploit. You won’t find one single group of people anywhere on that has done that to anywhere near the extent that Whites have.

The SJW’s and Black and Indian race hustlers have it all wrong. Instead of being the worst people on Earth, Whites are actually the best people on Earth. And not for any of the reasons the White Supremacists say.

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8 thoughts on “Alt Left: The SJW’s Have It Wrong: Whites are Not the Worst People on Earth; Instead They Are the Best People on Earth”

  1. Well, parents abuse – and whites have been the “parents” of much of the world – due to the enlightenment and tech progress of western civilization.

    I mean, whose going to argue parents don’t abuse?

    1. Whites truly love others more than themselves. As parents love their children. They need to be sterner with their children though. Whites aren’t natural oppressors, maybe they evolved past this. But parents need a firm hand or the spoiled brats will walk all over them.

      1. When you say whites – you actually mean SJWs or average Americans – cause white racists are NOT like this.

        1. Social Justice Whites? Years ago they just called that being White. Good parents should show tough love but not be too overbearing.

  2. Robert, I would say Southern European Whites like the Spanish don’t fit that description. Look how they treated and continue to treat Blacks and Native Americans in the countries of Latin America. I would make the distinction between Northern European whites and Southern Euros. Blacks living conditions in Brazil, pre-Castro Cuba, Colombia and other countries is far worse than blacks in the United States and Canada.

    1. Most nations of Latin America have never been able to build a strong civilization. Therefore, it’s no wonder the poorer people there are worse off than oppressed groups in Anglo-Nations.

      For instance, race-mixing between black/white helps blacks in the USA. It doesn’t do much in Brazil – or not as much.

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