Social Isolation is a Joke

Well, Wal-Mart has lines of people “not observing the 6-space rule or whatever”.  Also, it’s not observing social crowds of 10 or less – cause obviously it was filled with – at least 500 customers today probably – and that was just a snapshot of one moment in time!

Anyway, also with Wal-Mart is the grocery stores – with similar stories.

If they really had balls – they’d ban Wal-Mart, grocery stores – only allowing access to Dollar Stores – and then there would have to be reservations to get in them – or they can do the reservation thing with Wal-Mart, Target etc.. grocery stores.

But with balls – comes the panic and rebellion.  The society can’t handle it; they’d have to bring in the military and police – truly making slaves of us!

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