Most Nations and Peoples Are Jew-Wise; Only Whites Are Not and It Took the Holocaust to Get Us to This Place

Polar Bear: You’re damn right about America. I believe Satanic Jews dominate the Illuminati. These Satanic Jews likely hate religious Jews. So indeed not every Jew gets the check. I don’t believe the SJ’s can be as overt in the Middle East and Asia.

Jews wear the pants in the West; Chinese acknowledge this fact. Jews are at least belly dancing and putting on their Geisha face to entice royals further east. A Saudi prince or hook-nose Japanese royal may be more inclined to bend the knee.

They might make alliance with them, but Saudis and Japanese will never allow themselves to get cucked by the Jews like we did. Arabs and Japanese are 10

Literally nobody on Earth puts up with shit from the Jews like in the West do, and it took the Holocaust for us to get cucked like this. We cucked ourselves out of extreme guilt because regardless of our terrible behavior, we are ultimately good people.

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4 thoughts on “Most Nations and Peoples Are Jew-Wise; Only Whites Are Not and It Took the Holocaust to Get Us to This Place”

  1. Strange you wrote this as I’m be becoming obsessed with WW2 lately and reading everything I can find on it.

    My question is: why let the actions of one nation-Germany, and even then just one party that existed for 12 years define all of you Europeans? The English, Irish, Spanish didn’t do anything bad to the Jews at all. Jews were well established in America by then and even they didn’t have any issues or problems in American society whilst the holocaust was going on.

    So why carry this universal guilt based on what the Nazis did? Just because you were white?

    1. Different guilt trip for different groups. “Colonizing English, shame on you. You were immigrants too Irish. Blood for gold Spanish conquistadors.” Every group has done something to Jews and they remember every slight. WWII movies tug at most White hearts. There’s a lot of layers that go into it but the theme is Whites bad, Jews good. Perhaps most epitomized by the “evil Nazi” killing an “innocent Jew”.

  2. A lot of parts of the world don’t have Jews – so they don’t think about them, much less hate them.

    Even in East Tennessee, my home – only bigots comment on Jews – cause simply no Jews live here.

  3. The Saudi Royal Family takes orders from the rich Jews, I think. The Yemenis are openly anti-jew and Saudis have destroyed them.

    Interestingly, the Quran is full of what would be today described as “anti-Semitism”. The Jew-Arab conflict goes back even before the founding of Islam.

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