Let Them Eat Education

But seriously, the whiners, the lazy, the people with massive failures  (drug abuse, prison time, wife beating) – but a bad attitude about it – flock toward white nationalism which gives them a convenient scapegoat.

But, of course, it’s not right to leave countries in ruin – expecting foreigners to move to the US.  That’s wrong  – but let’s really look at the immigration thing in perspective.  Also, let’s look at black crime in perspective – seeing that a good education – college – or at least vocational – will certainly keep scared white people from ghetto criminals.  However, though, of course, the white nationalist is engrossed in populism – and will never want to accept responsibility – for the fact he/she, them-self, has caused the situation.

But the big joke is that white nationalists are always calling enemies – sellouts, pussies (Well, all nationalists actually) – when, they, themselves are people never accepting responsibility for lack of education.

But, as @Robert Lindsay explained – another huge thing with nationalism – is the fun.  These people literally are having a good ole time, even more than that – bullying enemies.  So I take the main problem is there just a bunch of sadists – who simply don’t want face the truth – cause it would poop the party 😆

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