Enemies of WNs can be Obnoxious Also

However, it’s understandable in a weird way.  Well, I don’t like gays wanting to teach “It’s o.Kay – to be gay.” to 5-year olds, but then again, I still don’t see these activists in the same light as white supremacists.

Anyway, at a lower level, who really cares about annoying date-rape accusers or lesbians trying to get back at men?  I don’t care.  I wouldn’t even see these people – if I wasn’t at some state university.

Blacks and other so-called “lower IQ groups”?  

They’re not much a threat – assuming you got enough education to get away from the worst ones.  However, as mentioned – WNs put themselves in a position of being around the worst ones – and also the ones that don’t – are sadists who get off on hate anyway – despite good incomes (case in point: some activist retired from the military or a civilian company).


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One thought on “Enemies of WNs can be Obnoxious Also”

  1. I’ve had a lot of contact with both. There’s a thick headed skinhead type I don’t like. The worst was one looked just like one of them, only he was a gay SJW as well.

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