Black Person Covering Face from Covid-19 – Arrested for Robbery

Ha ha ha… 😆

Would this really happen?  Better make sure the covering is a surgical mask next time.

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4 thoughts on “Black Person Covering Face from Covid-19 – Arrested for Robbery”

  1. In American History X, Derek Vinyard meets a friendly prison workmate, a comical Black guy who is serving six years for stealing a television set.

    Derek, on the other hand, was sentenced three years for voluntary manslaughter. However he did act out of self defence so I’m not sure whether he should have been jailed in the first place. If Derek didn’t kill that armed Black thug, he would have gotten killed first. Of course, the method he chose (curb stomping) was a bit extreme but you can do whatever you need to do to save your life, and of your family members.

    I don’t understand the US justice system. Six years for stealing a television set is too much? Is a man’s life worth so much less than a material possession. Hell I might have stolen goods that are more expensive than a television set.

    Also, three years for trying to defend your life, and your family’s?

    1. what? yes, six years for stealing a TV would definetly too much even Derek saw it that way. The black dude got six years because he dropped the TV on a police officer who tried to catch him and caused some injuries (i believe the officer got his leg broken because of that) -_-
      I have no trouble to label a case when shooting someone who tries to steal your car or enter your house as self defense but when the guy is already lying on the ground, heavily wounded than self defense ends here. Killing someone who is already out of action is not self defence but murder.

      1. If they’re coming to kill you. We’re not talking about a Little Rascal here. lol I remember a guy was still shook from that scene when I bought the film at Best Buy. I actually like the dinner scene when Derek tells the Jew off the best.

  2. So what? As I said he had every right to shoot at them and when these guys would have died because of it too bad for them. The problem was that he murdered this black dude when he was already lying on the ground; severed injured. He posed no threat anymore; he survived the injuries caused by the bullets and he couldnt do shit anymore.

    So what Derek has done was at the end an execution and not self defense per se and to execute someone is a crime simple as that. If the attacker would have died during the shootout, I doubt Derek would have got in any trouble, but he chose otherwise.

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