Racial Hatred More Powerful than Sex Addiction

It could be true – in many cases!  I mean, come on, why would anyone – really want puritanical governments – when they can have web cam world 24/7?  Anyway, I’m not saying some puritans are not coming from a true heart – but I really believe many are sadists – who love hate so much, it dwarfs the sex drive.

Note: I speak of racial hatred – but really I mean any kind of drive to suppress human beings – other than in an sexual environment.

But, is it possible to be a puritan – without hate?  Sure, but I think – more than not – it isn’t.  That’s why religious people are always slammed with the “self-righteous” label.


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3 thoughts on “Racial Hatred More Powerful than Sex Addiction”

  1. True. This is why I don’t do drugs, the idea of liking drugs more than sex scared me straight. I believe racial tension can lead to sexual tension. A mans true nature is likely a rapist but modern White civility says this wrong. Women want to be raped by a horse lord. As Robert says, we’re animals.

    1. A mans true nature is likely a rapist but… .

      There are no but’s. All men are rapists. I like to call myself a “civilized rapist” as I won’t kill, maim, injure or disfigure any woman.

  2. Sorry friend, you’re on your own. As far as I’m concerned:

    Sex addiction >>>>> Racial hatred

    My dick never discriminates. At the slightest prospect of pulverizing a pussy, it will conquer all forms of inner prejudice, racial or otherwise.

    I’ll even fuck an ugly ho under the right conditions: alcohol, availability, heat of the moment.

    That’s why I’m an Anarchist.

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