Why PC Has to Exist

Imagine if Corona is a Chinese bioweapon, which I highly suspect it is. It would still be suicide for the media to widely say it is. It’s because people believe whatever they read (or see)! It would be vastly wrong to take out on Asian-Americans or Asians stuff that was dreamed up by an Asian psychotic minority.

The same is true with African Americans. WNs are constantly criticizing the liberal “soft” media on how it won’t report on Black crime with the harshness they think matches the truth. But what if they did? It would be pretty scary.

I think people hanging around the worst Blacks pretty much know what they’re getting into, so, sad to say, they have it coming. I don’t think the liberal media and Hollywood have told strong enough lies to really fool a white woman who was eventually thrown in a dumpster dead.

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2 thoughts on “Why PC Has to Exist”

  1. The media should report the whole truth. If 9 out 10 of any race wants to eat me, I’d rather not be surprised.

    1. I honestly think identity politics won’t allow the truth from any side. I mean, seriously, think about it!

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