Indo-European = White Is Bad Theory

Earliest Whites in the world today are Berbers. In Europe, Estonians seem to have the most WHG DNA. Anatolian farmers and later PIE then flooded Europe. Sardinians are damn near pure Anatolian farmer. A lot of North Euros are high in PIE. I give Lithuanians the trophy but it’s a tight race.

Berbers or Lapps (Saami). Sardinians are also very ancient, as ancient as the Saami. Arabs are quite ancient too. Those Getstonedians (sp?) must have Saami blood. Saami go back 9,000 years. There’s a good argument that the Saami are the original White Europeans. You see any White Nationalists claiming the Saami, much less the Berbers. At best those are called off-Whites if they are polite, mongrels when they are not.

Actually though the first Europid types came out of the Arab World ~12,000 YBP. Notice how much White Nationalists hate Arabs? They can hate away, but Arabs are truly the original Europids or Whites.

Classic White features like blond and red hair and blue and green eyes go back to Finland 8,000 YBP.

If you are going to do the PIE = White thing, I think you are going to run into some problems. Everyone from Evola to Hitler to Hindufash want to do this, but I think it’s bad theory. Anyway, the first IE people were Anatolians. You hear any Mighty Whities claiming Ashkenazi Jews, Turks, and Kurds? Those are the remains of the  original Anatolians. Now those are some of the first real Whites!

LOL @ White nationalists when it comes out Jews are the remains of some of the original European Whites!

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13 thoughts on “Indo-European = White Is Bad Theory”

  1. Somebody should tell this idiot that the founder of the ‘nation’ of the Arabs was actually very much a half-Jew, Ishmael who was none other than the abandoned ‘bastard’ son of Abraham. Arabs are not even remotely Caucasians. They are actually the ‘Bedouin’ Semites who have a very violent , destructive and ‘greedy’ soul.

  2. Two places I will never visit: the Islamic world especially the Middle East and the world of the East Asian apes with the exception of , of course, Japan.

        1. WHG = dark skin, light to dark hair, blue eyes.

          Anatolian farmers = light skin, dark hair, mostly brown eyes.

          I think!

          1. I was wondering their language. Anatolians light skin, interesting. I pictured Anatolian Farmers like Sardinians.

          2. Anatolian farmers, Indo-European. Late WHG for the last 9,000 years, mostly Indo-European, some Uralic and a number of isolates that have gone extinct.

          3. Anatolian Farmers-possibly spoke Basque.
            I’m reading Proto-Baltic would’ve been dominant in the modern WHG dominant area.
            WHG were more of a cluster of different languages.

          4. Just some theories. Possibly isn’t much info because the WHG isolates went extinct.

    1. I had a photo of a Swedish WHG girl from 5,000 years ago. I’ll see if I can link it for you. She looks quite modern.

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