Americans are Jewcucked and Deserve Every Bit of Exploitation and Abuse We Get from These People

Polar Bear: I think NWO members have to listen to Jews on some level. Waters become murkier when you get into the higher levels. Asians are more independent than White Gentiles, that’s for sure.

First of all, there is no Jewish Central Control that controls the whole world. Obviously a lot of Jews would love that to be true, but it just isn’t. There is no worldwide Jewish conspiracy. Every Jew doesn’t get a check from Jewish Central Control every month. Yes, Jews in the West have a lot of money and power. Wealthy and powerful Jews really like to throw their weight around, Bill Gates style. You will be assimilated to American Jews. Resistance is futile

But on a worldwide scale, Jews have a Hell of a lot less power than everyone thinks they do.

Chinese are not NWO members. They don’t give a flying fuck about Jews. Neither do Arabs, Muslims, Russians, Black Africans, SE Asians. Lots of people on Earth don’t give a flying fuck about Jews, don’t particularly like them, and are certainly not in hock or slaves to their bullshit. You think rich Arabs and Muslims listen to Jews? LOL. You think rich Poles and Russians listen to Jews and their crap? LOL.

Contrary to popular lie, you don’t have to suck up to Jews and kiss their ass to survive and make it in this world. Hundreds of millions of people all over the world don’t really like Jews very much, could care less about them, and certainly laugh if you said they had to obey them.

The Jews have the West (mostly the US and UK) by the balls because we let them do this to us and because we like Jews blackmailing us to do their bidding. When it comes to Jews, US Gentile Whites are utterly pathetic. Stockholm Syndrome all the way. We love our oppressors who blackmail us and we let them take over our whole damn system, while we cheered all the time. We deserve to have our asses owned by Jews. Fuck us harder, Jews! Harder, harder, harder, dammit!

Any sane people is somewhat anti-Semitic. If you’re not at least a bit anti-Semitic, you’re partly crazy because you don’t care about your own self and letting other people pathetically own your worthless ass.

Americans gave up their mild anti-Semitism, and look what happened. The Jews owned us lock, stock, and barrel! We are total masochistic subs when it comes to the Jews, and Jews are our sadistic doms. We can’t get enough of their abuse.

The only solution to this mess is for Americans to become somewhat more anti-Semitic, like all sane people the world over. It’ll never happen though because Americans, like my parents, are Jew-lovin’ fools!

I’d cry but I am actually laughing because we’re so stupid about Jews that we deserve all the fucking we got by these people.

LOL @ American Jewcucks!

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19 thoughts on “Americans are Jewcucked and Deserve Every Bit of Exploitation and Abuse We Get from These People”

  1. Hey Rob, why do you think the three Jewish presidential candidates (was Klobuchar from Minnesota jewish? That would make it four) failed so badly? Steyer, Bloomberg, Bernie, (yeah, I know Bernie’s still in the race). It seemed set up for another corporate Democrat (Biden) that’s lost what? Three or four times before running for President.

    1. Not sure, but we have never had a Jewish president before. It would be a first and I would have loved to have seen Bernie by the president. Well, Biden is the safe choice to beat Trump, I do agree with that much.

  2. You’re damn right about America. I believe Satanic Jews dominate the Illuminati. These Satanic Jews likely hate religious Jews. So indeed not every Jew gets the check. I don’t believe the SJs can be as overt in the Middle East and Asia.

    Jews wear the pants in the West; Chinese acknowledge this fact. Jews are at least belly dancing and putting on their Geisha face to entice royals further east. A Saudi prince or hook-nose Japanese royal may be more inclined to bend the knee.

    1. Some might be in for a rude awakening – if the puritanical government they want comes into power – and the “Satanic Jews” with all their fun – are kicked out.

      Well, If Iran’s society appeals to you, you wouldn’t be the disappointed.

  3. O.K., let’s put the Jews into real perspective. I mean, if America wasn’t so-called Jew-cucked, we’d be barbarians. The place would be too “intolerant” to even exist in.

    1. No. We were better off with anti-semitism keeping them at bay. Jews only cared about tolerance of Jews. They’ve done jack shit for oppressed ethnic Whites. Jews are just using blacks as cannon balls to topple White castles. Those Jews are proud of their Jewish ancestry and fear having black dna. White Europeans genuinely identify as just human more. Which is boring to me.

  4. Jews in White society are like black sheep turning on the pen of White sheep. They may let the wolves in but they’ll fuck them over just the same, maybe even quicker.

    1. But where does free-will play in? I mean, even Hitler had a thing about the Slavs – cause he figured they were intellectually inferior – hence, bound to be ruled by Jews (Soviet Union for instance) – so why not Germans instead?

      O.K., well how low in intellect are Americans – that they could seriously be naive like this?

      1. Certain Slavs. He could find the German in Slavic allies. Americans in general aren’t known for their high intellect.

  5. This sounds like “Let them eat education”, but seriously – if people would go to college with a profitable major – or get an a good vocational education, then what need is “white identity politics”?

    It’s just an excuse for lazy, the whiners – and the funny thing there always calling globalists, liberals pussies. How about that – lol?

    1. White IP seems blue collar. I went to school with many racial Whites that became white collar but by then they hold their tongues. You can’t stamp out racial feelings but if someone has a lot to lose they often won’t risk it. Now being PC is beyond race and you must accept things like gay men in wigs teaching your kids. A lot of cultural liberals are pussies. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

      1. What enrages the American Nazi Party doesn’t enrage regular conservatives. Well, with regular conservatives sane racial integration is fine, but abortion and extreme gay rights are bad.

        Also, the Nazis don’t care about abortion – as long as it isn’t against certain whites, but that shows they don’t believe in the equal value of life – which is terrible.

        1. Say you get hit hard with the coronavirus, on a ventilator and a bedpan waiting to suffocate to death. Would you rather of had the coronavirus not effect people of your own race?

          1. Either all races/nationalities – have an equal right to live – or they don’t.

            Of course, exceptions have been cases of groups that have been so heinously evil – they simply have brought on their own demise. But – groups WNs target have their negative natures exaggerated.

          2. None of us know until we are there. I’m high risk for getting coronavirus, while my managers hide. This virus brings out the ugly or survivalist side of people. It’s interesting to see shit hit the fan, now we see peoples true colors.

  6. On a scale of 1-10, how Jewy are you? I’m probably a 4.5 🙂

    1: I am a Buddhist monk. Have no need for money or material possessions.
    5….I just need enough money to have a decent living.
    6, I am a hooker
    7. I am a pickpocket/swindler/cheat
    8. I am a lawyer/loan shark

    10: My name is Shylock

  7. I shall sum up the matter better: when America was founded, the intention of everyone at the party was to call up the Devil so as to sign a kind of Faustian bargain.

    Contrary to the Old World where one was supposed to remain in the social class he was born in and could possibly become famous only by investing more brainwork into his humble position so as to turn his craft into art, it would be easy for anyone to make money in the new country and climb the social scale provided he consent never to use his brains except for money.

    Priests were needed to perform the ceremonials to invoke the dark forces, job ads were posted everywhere, and the only ones who had the credentials were Kabbalistic Jews. It was agreed that Israel (then an abstract entity) would be the soul and America the body.

    When you use your brains only for money and have nothing but contempt for intellectuals who think for the delight of it, you end up losing them gradually generation after generation. Meanwhile the Jews who had been called up as magicians hadn’t entered that bargain themselves. They would not lose their Jewishness even though they might choose to devote themselves to the pursuit of knowledge.

    It must be noted that Jews having no interest or powers in such rituals were not invited in America nor felt attracted by it: each people summons the kind of Jews they deserve by the kind of service they will ask from them.

    Excuse me, if you call up people to enable you to teach the art of robbery and dehumanization, you cannot reproach your teacher to be even better than you at that art and to rob you the very way you have robbed and destroyed so many other peoples once your fortune is built.

    If you don’t want to have anything to do with Jews, first leave America and leave behind all forms of American culture because this country claimed first to exist as the New World’s Israel where the Jewish law would be the law of the land again.

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