China the Enemy

I’m not going to say China has a bad system or disagree with Communism – something that would put me at odds with @Robert Lindsay. Not on this post anyway.

The point being that regardless of whether China’s ways are something you like, you can’t deny it’s evolutionary for them to hate the US because we are the other power. It would make sense that Covid-19 is a bioweapon but only if it were kept secret, mainly to avert panic.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump and the Pentagon got in some secret meeting and agreed to keep it Top Secret.

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3 thoughts on “China the Enemy”

  1. They should stop eating bats, snakes, dogs, cats, and other contagious animals like that. There is plenty of factory-raised, hormone-infested beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish, and lobster to go around.

    I am turning vegetarian now.

    1. That didn’t cause the virus. The virus did not start in the wet market. It started outside of there, as there were 10-20 cases in Wuhan before the first wet market case that had no connection to the market. But it did spread like wild once it hit the market.

      No one knows how it went from bats to people, but you don’t have to eat animals for that to happen. Southern Chinese cities are dirty and there are lots of bats everywhere, like in every pile of rubble, underneath roof tiles, or under cracks in the pavement. Spread should be easy that way.

  2. This blog has been my companion and a source of intellectual nourishment since 2012. I go around posting links on India and Hinduism all over YouTube, and I bet Robert gets a lot of hits through that alone (rabid Indians coming over). I demand, in these tough times that Robert pay me a small amount of money (Just kidding hehe).

    On a serious note, what do you guys think the future is gonna be like? Can Robert create a topic on this subject? This virus has had a traumatic effect on us as a species the likes of which I doubt have ever been seen. Bigger than 9/11 or even WW2 in my opinion. What will be the future once (hoping) things resume? Will there be a renewed kindling of all people or we will revert back to the same baloney we were used to?

    Will China be held accountable in any way? Surely globalization as a concept will take a hit. I would love a topic – a philosophical one – on this subject here. Last month this time I am chilling with my joint pondering on which game to play on my PS4, and now it looks like the apocalypse.

    Robert- you fear death? You are above 60, does the thought enter your mind?

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