10 thoughts on “Interesting Development”

  1. I have an account in an underground kink community, in “Chatovod”. I am mostly inactive. Just the other day the members were discussing their ‘corona’ fetish. Apparently the UK members (for some reason, they’re the horniest and sickest) are planning to have a Corona sex party as soon as possible, and all the sickos are game.

    This means if you have tested positive for Coronavirus, you will be encouraged to have sex with other willing participants, and spread the joy. Not sure about whether it will happen, but they all did sound very serious to me.

  2. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2886634/thailand-sex-capital-pattaya-prostitutes-tourists-illegal-orgy/

    How I miss the good old days. Orgies in Pattaya were a thing. It was definitely called Sodom and Gomorrah. I don’t know when can I get back to dealing with whores again.

    Robert, the baldie in the middle looks like TRASH, whaddya think? I know we’ve never seen his pic but he’s definitely a toad. Not fit like you.


  3. Seriously, WNs are blaming this on Jews when it’s obvious the Chinese – and maybe for evolutionary reasons – probably want to kill Americans?

    1. Money talks and bullshit walks.

      Chinese don’t listen to Jews. They don’t even like Jews very much. Jews are competition to them, not elites that need to have their feet kissed, which is the way your average US Gentile thinks of Jews.

      LOL Jews think we White Gentiles are antisemites! LOL all we do is kiss Jewish ass in the most abject, humiliating, and supplicating way! The Jew calls and the White Gentile is at his ear in an instant, “Yesssss, massa?” He’s terrifed of another beating so he’s sucking up real hard now.

      Maybe we hate them as the slave hates his master, but I don’t even see any evidence of that. We don’t even think we are slaves, or if we do, we think we deserve it because we’re so inferior. Gentile self-hate is a thing. Seen it in my own silly family. Bunch of Jew-lovin fools.

      1. I think NWO members have to listen to Jews on some level. Waters become murkier when you get into the higher levels. Asians are more independent than White Gentiles, that’s for sure.

        1. A Chinese, an Afghan, and a Jewish guy walk into a bar.

          The bartender says: “Now, I have seen everything. I don’t want to live anymore.”

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