Like it or Not – Trump Doing Right Thing Isolating the US

Well, the Democrats have been swamped by PC over-kill – and this is a result of it.  In fact, if Biden or Obama was the president now, I really think the disease would be way, way worse.

Anyway, there is no rule saying the left has to be PC over-kill.   That’s just a modern phenomenon in the US and maybe some other countries.

In fact

Biden has made some really dumb remarks practically admitting he’s just a sellout to the Chinese and globalists.   How can the left deny it?  Well, the Alt-left won’t deny it!

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6 thoughts on “Like it or Not – Trump Doing Right Thing Isolating the US”

  1. I think Obama/Biden handled the 2009 H1N1 flu epidemic way better than Trump is currently handling COVID-19 now. In the entire course of the flu, 60.8 million people were infected, 274,304 hospitalizations, and 12,469 deaths in the US due to HIN1.

    60 million infections are a wild estimate as per epidemiology guidelines. Most people who contract such a virus are asymptomatic. Presently, in Germany, there are 21,890 cases for Coronavirus, the fourth highest in the world. How many people died so far there? Only 77 – less than 0.35% fatality rate.


    Indeed, these are sizeable numbers but it also means the epidemic was allowed to progress naturally and eventually decline in a phased manner. Most of the 12,469 deaths occurred in the first 12 weeks when the virus was peaking.

    This is the single biggest thing that no one wants to talk about these epidemics. By their very definition, an epidemic is going to peak and then eventually taper off. That is the only way you can eradicate the problem.

    By trying to contain them by closing the borders (Trump is not alone, many other world leaders have lost their minds). you are effectively DELAYING the virus…not ERADICATING it.

    Of course, there should be local quarantines, more accurate testing data, larger samples, and widespread availability of anti-flu medications.

    I like the approach of Japan and South Korea. They haven’t shut down their countries. In fact, you can still fly there. This is because they have more sensible leadership.

    However, USA has a bumbling idiot like Trump only knows how to spread more panic, and is not capable of long-term thinking. Now there is a shortage of toilet paper and other essential supplies.

    When this COVID-19 ends, the same number of people would die as H1N1, probably more, but Trump will be remembered for acting like a clueless klutz.

    Obama/Biden, or even Bill/Hillary, for all their faults, would have handled this wayyyyyy…….. better.

    1. Any predictions on how long this virus will this last? 12 weeks of peaking? Many seem to think months. It seems like Western society is not prepared for any catastrophes. Third Worlders are taking it in stride, like a Somali holding his bus pass in his mouth. Perhaps this is but a small taste of Third World hell.

      1. It seems like Western society is not prepared for any catastrophes. Third Worlders are taking it in stride.

        Third Worlders…If you’re getting to Somali range, you already have it so bad…<0.5 HDI, < 50 year life expectancy, it's impossible for a little virus to scare them.

      2. It will peter out bad by June. I hear it dies when the temperature hits 86 degrees, which makes sense.

  2. Trump going to the left of the Democratic Establishment isn’t something I expected, but I can’t say I’m surprised, considering his entire ideology is almost to be as contrarian as possible.

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