1st World Pigs – Not Only Ones Being Punished

Well, I can’t really see what poor farmers in East Africa and the Middle East are doing wrong – but maybe there’s more than meets the eye.  Well, now locust plagues are ravaging much of the the third world.   This is incredibly dangerous – as when food supplies go low, famine strikes – and also massive instability – leading maybe to full-scale war.

Of course, now the US might be out of the picture to help much – cause it’s being ravaged with Covid 19.

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2 thoughts on “1st World Pigs – Not Only Ones Being Punished”

  1. Locust plagues are an annual event in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the North-Western parts of India (Gujarat/Rajasthan). Sometimes, they travel all the way from Egypt.

    It’s the climate. Most of this region is semi-arid with thorny vegetation. That makes it sparsely populated. Almost nothing you can do to control the locusts. It is very difficult to predict when they will strike.

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