“Making a Humanities Degree Work,” by Jason

It would require an investment equivalent to buying a small house at the very least. You can’t expect something for nothing. The idea is you set up a blog or a forum or both and then run targeted traffic to it. The next step is using sponsored posts, ads, and classified ads to draw an income.

The cool thing is this option is available now with the Internet, while before 1995, it was generally not available. But a lot of people will probably never think of it, and also many aren’t tech-minded.

Math Degrees, Etc.

Those people can normally get in the major jobs in their major right out of school, but they could technically do the same thing as the Humanities degree folks above.

Actually You Don’t Need the Degree

You might not need it to make money via websites, but it adds a huge amount of credibility. Would you respect someone with a Bachelors or especially a Masters in English over someone that didn’t have one?

But you can always gain respect on the job as opposed to having it beforehand.

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