Thoughts on the Best Minds Leaving the Third World

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It’s always a problem with globalism – that the best minds leave for the 1st world. Well, that was noted on the KKK website, for instance.

Also, on this blog, one defended segregation, saying it kept the “good blacks” with the bad ones – as to control the neighborhood and “increase the quality of life of poor black neighborhoods”.

Nonetheless, though, a lot of this stuff runs contrary to human freedom. Bottom line is that a lot of people don’t feel “the bad of their race” are their problem. Well, I can’t blame them being white – cause there have been so many white swindlers – especially obnoxious ones – terrorizing my family.

Bottom line is that certain poor terrorize the poor along with anyone else they can get near. They are thieves. They are often obnoxious bullies.

After integration many good Blacks (with money that is) – had the option to get away from their own poor! Now this hurt the poor Black neighborhoods, of course, because there was nobody left to police the unruly except the police themselves, and they were often resented as White cops.

As noted in the quote, though, people don’t want to be forced to police their own kind. It’s not what America’s about. The idea is that we don’t have to put up with this shit if we can afford not to.

Finally, the idea of racially segregating the US is a moral abomination because Blacks have been in the US too long and are too much assimilated, unlike Central Americans, Arabs, and East Asians.  This is in addition that segregation of Blacks would be too mean spirited for people to handle.

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14 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Best Minds Leaving the Third World”

  1. America is too diverse to be fully unified even if it was all White. Arabs and East Asians in America have assimilated. Newly freed Blacks were more assimilated than modern urban Blacks. I don’t think European Whites can be very mean-spirited compared to their ancestors.

    Give the South to Arab slave traders and Jewish slave ship owners and the Southwest to the East Indians (like a motel), with White eggheads secretly ruling over all of them from the North. Promote racemixing of Whites with East Asians for the general public.

  2. Jason, let me know your thoughts on this. With the possible exception of Iran, the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately targeted wealthier nations. Do you see a pattern here?

    In fact, there isn’t any OECD nations except New Zealand which isn’t badly hit. Even in Asia, most cases are in Japan, South Korea, and the highly developed parts of China. Wuhan has the Apple factory, and many electronics company franchises.

    Italy – devastatated
    Spain – Close on the heels
    Switzerland – Going down badly

    The number of deaths have risen in the UK, Netherlands and Germany.

    In the US, it’s just started.

    Almost all of Africa has been spared so far. Most third world Asian countries have it under control. I wonder what is the connection.

    Is God punishing the wealthier nations for their debauchery, overconsumption, disregard for the planet ? The poor third-worlders have been spared.

    1. Heavily urbanized. Urbanized areas and nations are going to spread the disease a lot faster than more rural areas and countries. Also, the wealthier they are, the more they travel on airplanes, etc.

      Also in all of those countries, it has mostly hit in the north or in the mountainous areas, wherever it is coldest. Warmer areas get off a lot easier. And the Northern Hemisphere is getting hammered, but the Southern Hemisphere is being left alone.

      1. Many Asian cities are very urbanized, and also a lot of air travel. We will have to watch out before concluding more patterns. Who would have thought a month ago that Wuhan, the origin city of this virus, would now be returning to normalcy. Even as we speak, the number of cases in India, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, etc. is rising very fast. I still don’t think it will get as bad as Italy in these parts.

        By the way, anti-malarial drugs such as chloro-quine have been found to be effective cures for Coronavirus although not laboratory-tested fully. What do you make of that?

      2. Disregard for the planet? White Europeans seem like the only ones not hell bent on destroying mother Earth. All the Swiss do is perfect everything. PC Italian politicians telling Italians to hug Chinese didn’t help. Europe is too tolerant for its own good. I like Asians but when China has a virus outbreak, it’s common sense to keep both Chinese and visitors of any race from China inside of China.

          1. Maybe with this global warming, not so much anymore, right? I mean everyone’s tossed some money in the pot now. If Nature goes south, we all get fucked, not just the latte crowd.

        1. Disregard for the planet? White Europeans seem like the only ones not hell bent on destroying mother Earth.

          I was not referring to any race. It’s about first world nations consuming more resources per capita. There are many immigrants from all over the world living in first world nations, they shouldn’t be blamed any less.

          On the average, each citizen of the US, Western Europe, and Japan, consumes 32 times more resources such as fossil fuels, and puts out 32 times more wastes, than do inhabitants of the third world.

          SOURCE: Diamond, J.M. (2006) How societies choose to fail or succeed. New York: Penguin. Web:

          Other things that add into the over-consumption equation: grocery food waste, air miles, plastics and aluminum, discarded smartphones, cocoa, coffee – now you get the picture?

          In case you’re a climate change denier (which is the biggest outcome of over-consumption), then these facts will not impress you.

    2. Quote SHI

      Is God punishing the wealthier nations for their debauchery, overconsumption, disregard for the planet ? The poor third-worlders have been spared.

      It might be tempting to say that, but now locusts plagues are going after East Africa and the Middle East.

      1. Rural, not wealthy, in warm Southern areas, God-fearing, mask-wearing, and not tolerant. Klansmen are likely God’s chosen ones. Klansman I’ve talked to are very humble. Many love individual Blacks like their mammies. Just clean White robes around a freshly burned/sterilized cross left when the dust settles. Mel Gibson is the only celebrity. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

      2. We humans are the niggers of the animal world. This is all just Mother Nature taking her pound of flesh out on us humans for fucking up this beautiful planet.

        1. It’s easy to look down on Klansmen and Blacks, as the stereotypes often ring true. Both groups are humble. A Black Klansman is the humblest thing I can think of. My father was in the Army with a model Black who hated Black people.

          Modern men look down on them as a civilized Roman would look down on a long-haired beggar named Jesus. I see them as extra-human, closer to the backwoods or jungle. I would expect God or Mother Nature’s people to be loathed by the modern world.

          I can’t imagine an urban Black successfully spearing an animal like an African tribesman. It’s much easier to waddle down to Popeyes or KFC.

          The modern city slicker fights for toilet paper at Walmart. The Southern hillbilly simply grabs a handful of leaves with his moonshine-soaked hands.

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