Locations of Madera And Fresno County Coronavirus Carriers Revealed for the First Time

There is presently two persons infected with coronavirus in Madera and Fresno Counties, one in each. Both are elderly men who caught it on the Princess Cruise Line. People are wondering who and where these people are because authorities are not releasing information about the person’s location. Both carriers are elderly men who are self-quarantining.

I pinned the Madera County man’s location down to Oakhust, a Madera County community in the Sierra foothills. I tracked the single Fresno County infection to the Sierras too, possibly near Shaver Lake. I used the coronavirus case map of the US to pinpoint these locations. The Oakhust and Fresno County dots denoting a disease patient were located right at those two locations.

The virus is presently not spreading via community transmission in Fresno or Madera Counties that we know of. Certainly it is not spreading anywhere in the Valley in those two counties, nor is there a single case in the Valley yet. Or at least it’s not known to be spreading there. Perhaps it is and we don’t know. Also, perhaps it will spread in Fresno and Madera Counties in the future.

I did some research on this virus, and it is one ugly virus all right. It is extremely contagious and quite virulent in terms of disease. 15

People below 60 have a less than average death rate, and the 18-20 death rate is about the same as the overall normal flu death rate. More people have underlying conditions than you think. I am 62 years old and I have asthma. I have a 10

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One thought on “Locations of Madera And Fresno County Coronavirus Carriers Revealed for the First Time”

  1. It is extremely contagious and quite virulent in terms of disease. 15% get hospitalized and half of those go on ventilation. ~30% of those on ventilation die

    Those are inflated numbers.

    Remember this link – you were the one that shared it first

    South Korea – only 72 deaths out of 8086 cases – less than 1 percent
    Switzerland – only 11 deaths out of 1121 cases – 1 percent
    Germany – only 8 deaths out of 3675 cases – 0.2 percent
    Norway – only 1 death out of 996 cases
    Denmark – 0 deaths, 804 cases
    Singapore – 0 deaths, 200 cases

    Italy and Iran have been badly hit because many of their citizens had primary exposure to Wuhan city.

    The virus has been all but controlled in China itself. Currently, 3176 deaths in China – the number is unlikely to cross 3500 from what I read online.

    Anyway, here is a home-made recipe to prevent me from getting infected. I carry hand sanitizers.

    SHI’s Coronavirus Prevention Syrup (Not patented)

    High proof vodka/rum/whisky (40 percent)
    Lime juice
    Lemon (optional)
    Cinnamon and other spices (optional)

    Heat 100 ml of water. Mix it into a highball glass with a teaspoon of honey, and lime juice to taste. Add 5 ml of high-proof alcoholic beverage. Use a dropper if necessary. Mix spices and add a wedge of lemon as a garnish. Enjoy. (Don’t overdo the alcohol).

    Repeat 3 times a day.

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