Confused about Corona Virus

The Coronavirus is now causing travel from Europe to be banned, and now the NBA (Negro Basketball Association – lol) is canceling it’s season. So, how bad is this thing? What is being covered up? I mean, seriously, do we really trust the Deep State? Bill Gates and others have been at the forefront of population control – wanting to trim the herd of the very people buying their products. Talk about a GOD COMPLEX!

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4 thoughts on “Confused about Corona Virus”

  1. Shit’s about to hit the fan. Donald Trump just suspended all travel to the United States from the European Union.

    827 Italians dead so far. The highest death casualties outside of China. Almost all countries infected by now.

    I am thinking to fuck a Coronavirus infected whore and spread the disease spread out the disease to as many people as possible. How come it’s not a trend yet LOL

    As an anarchist, I love Coronavirus. All I have to do is SNEEZE and COUGH in a public place and watch everyone freak out.

    Or, maybe yell “CORONAVIRUS” in a crowded metro, and cause a stampede.

    1. School kids should LOVE the virus because they they don’t like going to school. This disease might end up giving them a very long vacation.

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