Why Moderates Have to Play the Extremist Game

It’s because hardcore bigots, Alpha male jocks – and on the other end of the spectrum, extreme SJWs – are all assholes. They don’t respect moderation, and they only see it as weakness.

Case in point, in Korea I couldn’t get along with this jock-type  guy from Ireland who didn’t like Americans. He just kept on and on with one Anti-American and/or homophobic and/or ableist comment after another. Eventually I punched him in the face in a bar!

Now a much worse example was my deceased Dad’s army friend. Of course, he acknowledged I wasn’t a hardcore liberal, but it didn’t keep him from calling me a nigger and a Jew and talking  about how he’d like to tie liberals to a railroad track – LOL. After listening to that guy, how can I discount Black stories about how Whitey hasn’t changed one bit?

Not only did he insult me in all those ways but he also attacked my masculinity, calling me skinny (indirectly) and praising me when I was out exercising one day like that was an improvement over my “inferior” usual behavior.

Anyway, the only solution to dealing with horses asses like this is to be an asshole yourself. In fact, you wouldn’t want to have anything to do with these people unless you were in a combat situation. Any lesser situation is massively humiliating, and tolerating such abuse is cuckold behavior.

Politically-charged people are assholes for a reason, maybe because they’re just assholes. But on the other hand, it could be a defensive reaction against the assholes they are surrounded with, in which case, who can blame them?

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