PUA/Game: What Men Think When They Hear Women Complaining about Men Being after Them All the Time

Ok, women: just imagine what it is like to be a man. If women had to live the sort of lives that men do, they wouldn’t be able to handle it. Most of them would blow their brains out.

Women take it for granted that they can basically have sex with an attractive man anytime they want . Just snap your fingers and there he is. With men it’s just not like that.

I’ve dated ~200 females, and still, I could never just snap my fingers and get a date or have sex like a woman can. I also had many long dry spells. Women don’t have to deal with incel periods like we men do. There’s literally no such thing as a female incel. They wouldn’t be able to cope with this.

Women don’t realize how good they have it in so many ways. Women bitch about the fact that dozens of scores of men act horny around them every day. A woman has her pick of dozens of attractive men who would like to date or fuck her every single day. If it were the other way around, we men would be living in paradise.

The life of a woman is like being a kid in a candy store where all the candy is free, and they call this perfect world names like hate, oppression, discrimination, humiliation, misery, and violence. Can you imagine a kid in a candy store where all the candy is free describing that situation as hate, oppression, discrimination, humiliation, misery, and violence?

The stuff women bitch about is laughable to us me. We can’t stop laughing at how ridiculous and absurd women are when they complain about this. Every women is literally a walking slapstick comedy routine whenever they start talking like this.

“Every day scores of the opposite sex act like they want to fuck me! I’m so oppwessed! This viowence! It’s hatez! It’s disquimination!”

Ha ha! Oh, poor babies! You expect us men to take you seriously when you bitch about that? You women literally live in the ultimate paradise every day, and all you do is cry about it. You’re all a huge fucking joke when you complain about this sort of thing.

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3 thoughts on “PUA/Game: What Men Think When They Hear Women Complaining about Men Being after Them All the Time”

    1. Even the most unattractive women can literally get laid just about anytime they want to. Just about any day of the week. Men will fuck anything, and there are always unattractive, fat, hard-up, or incel men who will fuck an unattractive woman just to get laid.

  1. I like to see women’s point of view here. After all, each act of sex carries additional burden for them in terms of a potential pregnancy. Even the best of condoms aren’t 100% effective. Morning after pills are a recent invention, women’s biological evolution hasn’t kept pace with the widespread availability of condoms or pills.

    There is a trifling side effect of mood disorders and hormonal imbalances with pills: therefore, many women only take that as a last resort. Prostitutes do have to consume pills all the time. They have little control on their male customers who can be drunken, pushy, and turn into evil bastards in the heat of the moment.

    As for condoms, so many men just don’t want to use one. I know I don’t.. that’s because my little boy shrinks very rapidly. I must do a woman while my little member is still very hard. It’s such an embarrassment for me to have the condom fall off my dick. There are so many men just like me. When the women fuck us, they take substantial risks. It’s like a leap of faith for them.

    Nature has made both sexes very unequal: all a man has to do is stay aroused for five minutes and ejaculate. Done!

    In the event of an unexpected pregnancy (many women are still freaked out by the idea of abortion), women would have to carry that shitty ejaculate all the way to painful labor. For nine continuous months… imagine having to be continually reminded about that tiny dicked gentleman who got you pregnant. You don’t want to see his face ever again but you must still suffer that brief encounter with him.

    If women are being choosier about the jackhole who might get them pregnant, I think it’s very reasonable.

    There are two ways of doing it: either you are what you call a “Chad” – a very handsome dude, and some ugly or plain looking woman will have less of a regret carrying his beauty DNA. So, you’re always welcome to fuck her whenever you want.

    Or, you are a good dad or husband material. This is the reason even extremely hot women fall for married men: after all, they have proven commitment to staying with a woman for an extended period of time.

    If you’re a Playa’, you will have a much harder time. It can still be done but you have to deceive her to get access to her pussy.

    The best way to go about it, in my opinion, is to be very clear to her upfront that you don’t need penetrative sex. A sensual massage or kissing is more than enough for me. Also it saves me the embarrassment of displaying my tiny member which is good for my ego.

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