Alt Left: Why I Hate the Cultural Left

You are an idiotic moron who claims to be Left but is a blatant rightwing White Supremacist with ego issues who posts crap all the time about ‘races’ and other such shit. I hope your blog gets taken down permanently!

I had to edit this for style because this guy is apparently not capable of writing the English language properly.

I’ve been getting bonehead comments like this from Cultural Leftards for many years now.

There’s the old chestnut about me being a rightwinger. Ok, then why do I always vote for Democrats. I wouldn’t vote for a Republican if you paid me, and it’s been this way since I started voting long ago. How come I absolutely despise all Republicans and other rightwingers such as Libertarians? How come I don’t even like most Democrats because I consider them too rightwing?

Also, could someone please show me a rightwing group anywhere in the US that I could join, please? Because I’ve looked around at rightwing groups in the US and even at various formations on the Net and in other countries and I can’t see any rightwing ideologies that I am interested in at all. Except maybe Russian conservatism or Putinism but the problem with that is that Russian conservatism is to the left of the US Democratic Party.

If I despise all rightwing ideologies, how could I be a rightwinger? Am I part of some ideology that has only me as a member? I’ve had this standing offer out there for a while now, and none of these losers has ever taken me up on this offer.

Whatever. This is in reference to this article. The article is titled What Did Africans Look Like 40-45,000 YBP? I noticed that that article caused this shithead to blow a few blood vessels, so I went and checked it out to how racist and White Supremacist and rightwing and evil it was because it must be all those things if this dipshit says it is, right?

Well, I went over and read through the whole thing. It is a discussion of human races and ethnic groups from an anthropological sense from the point of view of what their skulls look like. Perfectly legitimate subject. It does refer to several large races called Caucasoids, Mongoloids, and Negroids. It also refers to races such as Negritos, Papuans, Khoisan, and Pygmies. All of these are absolutely human races.

The post makes no statements positive or negative about any of those groups. There is no White Supremacism, as nowhere do I try to imply that Whites or Caucasoids are superior to other groups.

I don’t even talk about superiority or inferiority. I just describe the races by looking at their skulls and comparing them. It also goes into how some ancient skulls looked. The post points out that all modern races, including Europids are modern, that is they all appeared in the last 15,000 years. It also talks about the Out of Africa movement of many of the Earth’s people.

First of all, White Supremacists as a rule all hate the Out of Africa theory because it basically states that White people came from niggers ha ha. Well, White folks just won’t have that. That’s just a bit too insulting, ok? A bridge too far.

Asians are a lot smarter. I pointed out once that all Asians came from Black people, and some Asian guy said, “So what? If you back far enough, we were all frogs.” I told my Mom and she said, “See? That shows you right there that Asians are smarter than White people.” She’s right.

Also White Supremacists really hate that model of an early Caucasian face because he doesn’t look White. Not to mention that he has a face that not even any mother could love. They claim that all Caucasian skulls look White for tens of thousands of years. White people be all ancient and shit! Not only that, but Whites wuz kangs! What’s next? We flew airplanes and developed nuclear power?

That article is about as utterly non-racist as an article about that subject can possibly be.

But you see, to the Cultural Left, if you write about race at all, especially if you suggest that there are different races of humans that have had different evolutionary trajectories, you are a vicious, evil, White Supremacist racist. Because apparently race doesn’t exist or some shit.

Well then, lets get rid of the hate crime laws then because if there’s no race, no one can be attacked on that basis, right?

While we are at it, let’s get rid of all civil rights and void all civil rights legal rulings. Since race doesn’t exist, no one needs to be protected against discrimination against something that doesn’t exist, right?

Let’s get rid of affirmative action and goals and all that crap because how can you have goals to fill X percent of positions in your company with this category or that of a nonexistent category?

Ready when you are, Cultural Left fucktards.

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5 thoughts on “Alt Left: Why I Hate the Cultural Left”

  1. The last Cultural leftist I dealt with online was a burly bald guy on drugs, likely gay, as he was posing as WN woman. Lord knows what he wanted to do to me, but I doubt it was good.

    Cultural Left types are mostly freaks and normies. They obsess over “evil White men” but can’t think for themselves. I’m an anti-semite and I think non-Whites should be in the background at best. But I’m fascinated by Jews and non-Whites. You have to live in la-la land to not be fascinated with other groups.

    Whites are obviously interesting – plenty of recorded history, DNA studies, empires, etc. to dig into. You Cultural Leftards can’t even wrap your pea brains around such obvious achievements. Few if any of you will pan for an ant’s golden piss.

    Robert is the best thing to happen to you people, and you’ve turned on him. Your truest friend is seen as enemy #1. Your gender, sexual orientation, and racial views are all confused. The Cultural Left is the epitome of backwards.

    1. The Cultural Left is going to be comically tyrannical in progressive areas just like conservatives are in their territories. I mean tyrannical to the point where if you don’t 100 percent support gay rights, tranny rights, Black exceptionalism (Black special rights over Whites), you name it – then you’re a target.

      Like I’m not a big hater of gays or any minority group, but I get queasy about children being taught “gay is OK”. In fact I don’t want them even exposed to the word.

  2. Well, sometimes racist left-wingers can be funny like that family who cooks a niggers head (they threaten to only), lives in a trailer, and voted for Obama – lol. Another case in point – a hardcore Democrat economically speaking who never has nice things to say about fat people or Blacks.

    However, can we really blame Republicans and even people just mildly Cultural Left for noting the hypocrisy and inhumanity?

    But…Black democrats are often also massively un-PC, saying every racist, homophobic, fat-phobic thing imaginable. Is there even a peep from the Cultural Left, or do they get a green pass because they were slaves?

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