Progressive Southerners Are Just Gays or Want to Get in Some Mulatto Panties!

Well, I wouldn’t be so quick to say it. A commentator was saying that but it’s narrow-minded. But then again, maybe not completely. Who are we kidding here? Of course the dudes traveling to Asia like Asian pussy. Of course gays aren’t going to side with a culture that viciously oppresses them from middle school.

Everything isn’t black and white. The progressive Southerner versus Old South dynamic is also a matter of intellectuals and not necessarily gay sensitive types  vs brutish law-and-order normies.

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2 thoughts on “Progressive Southerners Are Just Gays or Want to Get in Some Mulatto Panties!”

  1. Jason, those are just the White Southerners I’ve met in the North. I know it’s a cliche but they either want Black/mixed women or are gay. Of course not all Southerners are like this, but to turn on the Old South, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be this way.

    1. What are known as wiggers might want Black women but they aren’t really liberal. They would vote Democrat but only because they are similar to Black people. Those types are disgusted by bohemian liberals. They don’t like their music, intellect, attire, etc..

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