My Experience as a Self Hating Southerner

It’s not been a picnic, for sure.  Well, basically, old South southerners are convinced those against Republicans  are – queers, bitches, cunts, cocksuckers (huh, that’s a good one – considering how much so many of them blab their mouth all the time). black-lovers – and they surely verbally harass their enemies – given any opportunity.

But anyway, the enemy isn’t really an enemy.  It’s just a person with a different opinion.  I mean, come on – if someone jokes politically (with a slight mean tinge) on social media – it shouldn’t be a big deal.  I mean, conservatives do it all the time.  But.. not if you’re a liberal doing it on conservative social media timelines!

Well, so much for democracy!  I mean, where is the freedom of speech?  Well, there is freedom of speech – but notice it’s only for social media posters – who live in liberal areas.  I mean, all the open liberals I seen – are living in liberal areas.  It’s sort of cowardly – isn’t it – but it’s just like all the redneck potheads are in conservative areas – or how about all the black nationalists – who, of course – live in Atlanta.

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