Know Your Enemies!

Polar Bear: I’m an antisemite and I think non-Whites should be in the background at best. But I’m fascinated by Jews and non-Whites. You have to live in la-la land to not be fascinated with other groups.

I’m also absolutely fascinated by Jews and non-Whites. I’m fascinated by anyone who is different from me. Different from me means you are interesting. I already know all about my own people – the Whites, the men, the straights, the cisgendered. I want to know about someone who is different!

I am even fascinated by people I don’t like. I heard there were dipshits who liked to actually eat shit as a sexual fetish, and I found this fascinating. For some reason, I also found it absolutely hilarious, although it’s sick as Hell. I spent some time reading up on this sick weirdness because it was so interesting to me. But I didn’t like it one bit.

I don’t agree with fascists at all, but I read up on them like crazy. I read up on all my enemies. Know your enemy, right?

There was a famous American general who always kept a portrait of the main German general he was fighting against on his desk in a very prominent place where he could not avoid looking at it. He ended up having that picture staring him in the face for hours every day.

The American general was asked if he hated the German general, and he said,

No, not at all. He’s a soldier, a warrior, just like me. He’s just on the other side, a victim of circumstance like me. On the contrary, I have immense respect for him as a fighting man. A general should never lose respect for the other side. It’s a fatal mistake.

And I also need to keep this man in the forefront of my mind. I need to be thinking about him every hour of the day. That’s why I put his photo on my desk. On the other hand, the cause he is fighting for and the fact that he is trying to kill my men mean that I have to defeat him if it’s the last thing I do.

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