What Did Africans Look like 40-45,000 YBP?

Polar Bear: What’s your best guess on the 1/3 African? Khoisan maybe?

The commenter is referring to the genesis of the Caucasoid race in the Caucasus 40-45,000 YBP which was formed by an input of 2/3 Ancient “Chinese” and 1/3 Ancient Africans as per Stanford anthropologist Cavalli-Sforza’s groundbreaking research.

Incidentally, this great man is now being attacked by antiracist morons because he had the temerity to suggest that such things as human races either exist or used to exist. This scientific fact is now banned by anti-science Cultural Left obscurantist “fundamentalists” who resemble the religious fundamentalists they hate more than they care to note.

The commenter is asking what the Ancient African component looked like, and then asks whether they looked like a Khoisanid type.

No one really knows the answer to this question because the Khoisan as a race are new. The Khoisan people go back 53,000 YBP, but before 10-15,000 YBP, they looked a lot different. But yes, those people were the ancestors of the Khoisanids.

Have you ever seen the reconstruction of the earliest Caucasian 35,000 YBP? He’s insanely ugly and he looks nothing like any type of modern Caucasoid. He doesn’t look like any modern race, but if anything, he looks somewhat Khoisanid. However, modern Khoisanids are rather attractive people, and this ancient Caucasian looks awful. I think when God was handing out looks, this guy thought God said books, and  he said “I prefer horror.”

I haven’t seen any reconstructions of these ancient Africans, so no one quite knows what they might have looked like.

But only the Khoisan and the Pygmies remain of those ancient Africans. However, the ancestors of the Khoisan probably didn’t look Khoisan, and we don’t know what the ancestors of the Pygmies looked like because the jungle consumes and reduces everything to raw soil, including human bones.

And keep in mind that at the time we went out of Africa 70,000 YBP, there were 40 different groups in Africa, and they were all extremely different from one another. We don’t know what any of those people looked like. An ancient skull from South Africa 35,000 YBP looks “Caucasoid.”

But this is just yet another case of the parallel development that I discussed in this post in which “Caucasoid” is a frequent property of human skulls whether of the Caucasoid race or not simply because the phenotypes available to man are only a small subset of all possible phenotypes.

Hence, “Mongoloid,” “Caucasoid,” and “African” phenotypes pop up regularly outside of those groups. To give an example, many Australoids appear “African.” This includes Negritos, and other Melanesians. Some Africans such as the Khoisan appear “Asian.” And on and on. Therefore we can’t tell just by looking at a human which of the 3-4 large human races that they belong to.

Only two of those 40 groups present in Africa when we left are among those that left Africa, and at one point, those two groups out of Africa groups suffered a mass extinction event to where they were reduced to 1,500-2,000 people, possibly due to the Toba Volcano eruption in India 73,000 YBP.

What’s interesting is that there were already modern humans in India a the time of this eruption, and this is earlier than the usual 60,000 YBP date for humans leaving Africa. That there were people already in India before the Out of Africa date shows that some humans left Africa even before the given date.

This reduction of a large population to a very small number via mass death is known as a bottleneck, and it is known that we non-African humans definitely went through an evolutionary bottleneck. Other species can also go through bottlenecks in their evolutionary history.

These bottlenecks, while devastating in terms of mass death, are often good on an evolutionary basis in terms of fitness. Often only the fittest survive these events in other words, leaving a more robust and adaptive population after the bottleneck.

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6 thoughts on “What Did Africans Look like 40-45,000 YBP?”

  1. Proto-Khoisan seems likely based on the information you’ve presented. I’ve heard speculation that earlier Khoisan were darker. The smaller Pygmy seems adapted to jungle life. If the first known Caucasian looks a bit Khoisanid, it’s reasonable to assume he may have got those features from an early Khoisanid type.

    1. Yes, that makes sense. We don’t even have names for those races because they’ve basically gone extinct.

  2. Alex Linder once said:

    “I say ‘Amerikwa’ because it has the ring of Kwanzaa to it and the Kwa-ha-ha of the jungle.”

    1. I gotta admit it. Alex Linder is absolutely hilarious. I used to go to VNN just for the laughs. Linder is a horrible human being, and his posters on that forum aren’t much better, but those guys sure are damn funny over there. Also Linder and most of his posters are very, very smart.

      The call America “the Kwa” LOL. The call TV “the electric Jew” LOL.

      I also read The Daily Stormer sometimes because those guys are hilarious. Andrew Anglin is absolutely hilarious. He’s pretty much a professional troll. He’s a horrible person too but he’s damn funny, so I’ll read him for the lulz.

      1. Far more depth on racial sites than on normie sites full of dumbasses like facebook. I can’t keep up with all the moving DS does, it’s essentially a nomadic site because they get censored so much.

      2. I used to go to VNN just for the laughs. Linder is a horrible human being, and his posters on that forum aren’t much better, but those guys over there sure are damn funny. Also Linder and most of his posters are very, very smart.

        I have spent a lot of time among right-wing trolls. As I found out some of them are always funnier than your average Normie.

        I used to frequent an online Indian sex chat site which got hijacked by these rightwing Modiphile Nazis. One of them was funny and talked cute though: he became a pal, and we used to gossip a lot.

        I unsuccessfully tried to show him the error of his ways: but that was just not a good idea. Under that masquerade of humor and several layers of civility, he was a dyed-in-the-wool, rabid, Muslim-hating Hindutvadi.

        This is where I learned you can’t really convert the rightwing to your side. Hatred of the other is second nature to them. It’s like oxygen for their very survival.

        No hardcore Trump supporter will ever vote for Bernie Sanders. Even though they may like him.

        At the end of the day, I’m grateful for the rightwingers. They are everything I don’t wanna be.

        And yes, I don’t hate them, just like I don’t hate Muslims or whatever.

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