Coming Out as a Democrat

😆  ha ha – lol.

I saw this on a social media comment. How preposterous is it that being a Democrat now in a red state is so despicable that it’s equated with being gay?

I don’t doubt that many took the comment seriously because in a very real sense it truly is “gay” nowadays to be Democrat due to Cultural Left influence on leftwing politics.

However, that’s not saying I don’t sympathize with some Cultural Left stuff – way more than @Robert Lindsay does anyway. Nonetheless it gets ridiculous when there’s 2,000 genders, and people are oversensitive to every little thing.

I mean let’s save the anger for some real racial/gender oppression if it comes up, and believe it or not,  it does in the US quite a bit. But now everyone’s so focused on culturally sensitive movies, fake rape claims, and other silliness that I suppose the real oppression is probably ignored!

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5 thoughts on “Coming Out as a Democrat”

  1. You should leave the South. A # of Southern people I’ve met hate the South and left. Some want it to burn even, which disgusts me. There’s progressive areas in TN, Nashville for one. It feels a bit like the Hatfields and McCoys, progressive self-hating Southernors vs the old South.

    1. I don’t think self-hating Southerners are cucks or fags. They’re just people who are not full of vicious hate toward other races, gays, atheists, etc.

      1. Many of the ones I’ve met are gay. The straight ones have a thing for light-skinned blacks.

        The ones I’ve met viciously hate the South, specifically its people. A Klansman often loves Blacks, especially mammies, more than a Southern SJW likes the South. By the time they get up North, many are completely done with the South. They reject Southern culture, people, etc. in general. It’s still a part of them though, so they seem like children rebelling against their Mama Dixie.

        1. Well, economics also plays in. Blacks are socialists, conservative Old South types are not – one reason because they don’t want their money going to the Blacks.

          1. I’m only talking about Whites. Blacks are very distinct from these polar opposite Whites, at least the older ones.

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