State Control vs Capitalist Monopoly

But which is better? The quality of goods in Walmart, for instance, is obviously better than in the old Soviet Union,  but the fact remains that you don’t have any real choices, just like in the USSR.

Walmart’s competition is eBay ,etc., so maybe I’m wrong. However, what percentage of Americans bother to go online?  That could also be a lot.

Any thoughts?

Monopoly in Private Health Care

In my area, one company has bought out all medical facilities, so how is this different than state-run healthcare in Communist nations? Also, if Republicans are giving arguments for private health insurance, one could bring up that there are a variety of choices of health insurance available for purchase, but you only have one choice of a hospital.

Fast Food Monopoly

There seems to be less monopoly in fast food, but who isn’t sick of chain restaurants gobbling up the landscape?

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