Rocketman Movie – Elton John

Spoiler for Rocketman

Elton’s character seems to be a symbol of all the people with failed parents justifiably rebelling against normal society. I felt very sorry for the character because of this not just because it seems like some whiny gay guy in a devil suit.

However, how bad a father was Elton’s father? Some relatives have claimed it’s an exaggeration. Well, what makes kids gay?  Their non-nonchalant overly-strict dad does?

In my experience, they aren’t the only bad ones. Other types actually physically abuse the kid (Hitler and Stalin’s dad). Other types are gigantic pricks who verbally abuse kids, even if just jokingly. And of course there are the types who molest daughters.

Anyway, I can’t believe I would like this musical because it seemed so dumb at first, but it grows on you. I admire Elton’s conquering the odds and his talent though I don’t really like his lifestyle, but I can’t blame his choice, given his upbringing.

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