Ethnic Nationalists and Language Classification Mix Like Oil and Water

Mithridates: What’s for damn sure is that ethnic nationalists (Oh, the myriad varieties of them!!) are the #1 threat to any sane and sensible discussion on topics like… and language classifications…

I am not sure if you have read any of my linguistic work, but some of it has already been published. I had to deal with ethnic nationalists a lot (Turkish ethnic nationalists – some of the worst of them all), and it was definitely not pleasant. For instance, they insist that the (IMHO – 53) Turkic languages are all just dialects of Turkish! And good luck trying to disabuse them of that notion. They’re very aggressive and they’re even violent (check out recent videos), and that makes them even more scary.

Right now I am dealing with a Macedonian ethnic nationalist (all Balkan varieties are very unpleasant to say the least) and he was extremely unpleasant. He is trying to get me fired from my professor job LOL. I’m flattered that he thinks I’m obviously a university professor, but nope, I’m not. So I wish him luck getting me fired from a job I don’t have.

Beyond that, ethnic nationalists are the bane of language classification. There are so many “dialects” that are so obviously separate languages but we can’t split them because ethnic nationalists run the discourse in those countries. Idiotically, my field utterly unscientifically states that there is no way to tell a language from a dialect.

Oh yeah? We can put a man on the moon but we can’t develop a successful definitions of language and dialect? How absurd is that?

So we stupidly throw up our hands and say this is not a linguistic question (though obviously it is) and say the distinction between the two is a political matter (!), so we throw it over to the most dishonest  reprobates people on Earth next to out and out criminals, namely, politicians! Of course politicians  never lie or anything like that!

So really we should take all of our scientific questions over to politics and let politics answer these questions! Hell, politics won’t even give you a straight answer if you ask it what time or day it is. If a politician’s mouth is moving, he’s lying. It’s practically a requirement to score high on the psychopathy scale to be a politician. So let’s let these pathological lying sociopaths called politicians answer our scientific questions in Linguistics!

Ethnic nationalists have infiltrated language classification by petitioning to get languages removed from their countries, as they wish to believe that the only language in say Ruritania is Ruritanian, and all of the other languages, no matter how different, are dialects of Ruritanian!

So Basque is just a dialect of Spanish, right? And Suomi or Lappish is a dialect of Swedish. And Sorbian is a dialect of German. And Breton and Basque are dialects of French. As you can see, we could go on and on here.

There are probably 2,000 languages within the scope of “Chinese,” yet the Chinese government lies and says there is only one Chinese language. We linguists have to go along with this insanity because…why?

Ethnic nationalists dishonestly removed several Occitan languages and several North Germanic languages in Sweden, among other places. I can’t believe that SIL (the publishers of Ethnologue who are now in charge of handing out ISO codes for new languages) fell for this.

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9 thoughts on “Ethnic Nationalists and Language Classification Mix Like Oil and Water”

  1. He is trying to get me fired from my professor job LOL. I’m flattered that he thinks I’m obviously a university professor, but nope, I’m not. So I wish him luck getting me fired from a job I don’t have.

    LOL that’s a new one. I say fuck with him a little more.

    Nobody cares about tiny European countries where every citizen is an egghead with a massive inferiority complex.

    Tell him to go fight the Turks and Muslims in his hometown. They’re taking over everything including his sister.

    Also “Your Alexander the Great can suck my massive dick” never gets old. As it turns out, the Macedonian legend was a bona fide homer.

    Was Nikolai Tesla from those parts? Guess he was smart enough to go to America and leave those rustics behind. I can’t think of too many Balkan fucks who did anything of consequence.

    I play online chess and often meet players from places like Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, etc. I like to discuss the Aryan race and Muslim-hating with them. They can’t tell that I am fucking with them. Every single one of these types sounds like a Stormfront user.

    1. Also, “Your Alexander the Great can suck my massive dick” never gets old. As it turns out, the Macedonian legend was a bona fide homer.

      Don’t get it.

      1. Macedonian nationalists claim Alexander as one of their own. Also, Alexander has been recorded as a homosexual.

          1. Hey man, in my opinion Indian IT workers are mediocre at best and untalented at worst. There may be a few exceptions of course. You need to check PISA test scores using a Google search. Indians rank the lowest on average compared to other nations.

            When it comes to programming and coding, someone from Latvia, Ukraine, or indeed America itself is leagues ahead of the average Indian IT worker/H-1B scab.

            There’s only one reason Indians have these IT jobs. Because let’s face it, the world laughs at us. Our overpopulation is a curse. Americans and other Westerners understand that if they don’t provide these jobs to poor Indians and Bangladeshis, they will start eating each other alive.

            That would not be a very pleasant sight: the average American has more respect for cats and dogs than higher caste Indians have for their fellow human beings such as Dalits and the marginalized Muslims.

            As Robert himself says in this blog, there’s nothing wrong with Indians genetically. All human beings have equal capabilities, and no one is better or worse. However, Indian culture is absolutely the worst. So if you’re an Indian who distances himself or herself from Indian culture, then you’re making good progress in your life.

            That’s my two cents or rupees for you.

          2. Shi reminds me of myself with a better understanding of Indians. I get hounded by Black women instead of the group that hounds him. Mostly goodlooking BB’s until recently.

            I have a special interest in Turks, as I do Umayads and Mongols. I associate Turks with very good food, though I credit Byzantines for the cuisine. Originally the Turkish diet looked more like the humble Mongol diet. Still, I lick my chops at West Armenian, Georgian, Lebanese, etc. food that I believe has Turkish influence. No wonder Russians take to Tatar and Georgian food.

            Turks have long been anti-Christian though. Blood red Fez from the Christian blood there. I lack Robert’s depth of linguistic knowledge. Yet I can see race and language aren’t always a perfect match.

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