Can Sanders Still Win?

I think he can because he’s simply providing a real message to people.It will be tough after Biden wins all the South, but California and Texas are favorable toward Sanders. All he needs is just some more states, and he’s got it in the bag!

How Fake Is Watered-Down Democratic Politics?

Just as fake as the Republican type that Trump rallied against.

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2 thoughts on “Can Sanders Still Win?”

  1. If Sanders doesn’t win the Primaries, Donald Trump might have his reelection handed out to him in a platter.

    He’s the only one who can match Trump’s conspiracy theory-based strategies. Like he peddled those unproven claims with Hillary’s 30,000 deleted emails. It has to be fire versus ice to take down a blatant liar like Trump.

    Trump will probably project Biden as a kiddie-fiddler or “swamp” candidate. He will go even lower than he did last time.

    I think Bernie’s still very much in the race because of that huge delegate windfall in California. Just came in, Biden is carrying Texas, a total of 9 states versus just 4 for Bernie. He needs to alter his strategies a bit.

    As Trump had predicted, Warren (Pocahontas) is bowing out already. Shouldn’t have run her in the first place. You might dislike him but you have to respect his judgment: he has been maintaining that Biden and Sanders are the only worthwhile opponents to run against him.

    Bernie’s smart enough to change his methods of reachout quickly but looks like time isn’t on his side. Many more delegates would be allocated by March 17 itself.

    1. Bernie might can count on the Reagan Democrats to – at least give him a shot at winning the primaries. They could even pull him over to win it all! I mean, on Bernie’s site, it was saying he beat Trump in polls.

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