The Fun World of Childish Insults

More fun than the 7th grade!

Hey, thanks for the apology – now would you leave?

I bet you’re ugly.

So is he also a libtard?

My article about Stormfront made it seem that WNs had a monopoly this sort of thing, but SJWs do it too. Actually, everyone into politics no matter the flavor does it.

Not sure that everything SJWs say is childish – @Robert Lindsay can probably quote a few funny lines they’re tossed out. One thing they bring up a lot is autism. It’s assumed that a WN or someone like Robert must have autism!

Yeah, that would explain the really offensive stuff WNs are saying because like retards, of course they don’t know what they’re saying – lol. /s

Anyway, obviously the vast majority of SJWs know that WNs are not handicapped, so the insults won’t reflect that.

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