Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, and Southern and Northern Chinese: How to Tell Them Apart

How the Hell would I know? They’re all just a bunch of gooks to me! J/k. Don’t report me to SJW  Central Control please!

SHI: One should just go with a Vietnamese or Northern Chinese girl if you’re craving a Korean. Can’t tell the difference anyway.

SHI is a connoisseur of women, and I am more like a common sewer when it comes to women, but I will respect his judgement nevertheless.

Northern Chinese look very much like Koreans, and I very much doubt if there is a good way to sort them out. Koreans do have very prominent high cheekbones. That’s their Mongolian heritage as they pretty much came from Mongolia long ago. They along with the Japanese settled on the northeast coast of China in the Shandong area 7-8,000 years ago (believe it or not) and stayed there for many years. See recent excellent work by Martine Robeets on this.

The Koreans may have moved in from there 3-5,000 YBP, and Japanese invaded Japan in a huge wave 2,300 YBP. These people were called the Yayoi. The Yayoi are actually thought to have moved first from Shandong to Korea and then south from Korea to Japan a couple thousand years ago. But Northern Chinese and Mongolians are more or less the same thing.

The Japanese came from this same Mongolian stock, but they bred in so deeply with the Ainu that they definitely look different from Koreans. But they both also look quite similar, and it’s not easy to tell them apart either. In addition, there are a lot of mixed Japanese-Koreans in Japan. They’re almost a cliche.

Viets definitely look different from either Japanese or Koreans. They are also full of Chinese, but they are full of Cantonese Southern Chinese (“the barbarians” as the Northern Chinese refer to them), and Southern Chinese look a lot different from Northern Chinese.

Viets are a mixture of a more Austroloid type exemplified by the Montagnard tribesmen (look at a photo of them sometime). Actually the Montagnards are more like Australoids transitioning to Mongoloids or early SE Asians. Completed modern SE Asians are Mongoloids with some lingering traces of their Australoid heritage.

2,300 years ago, a huge wave of Southern Chinese conquerors spread through Vietnam and thoroughly bred in with the population. Nevertheless there was a Chinese minority in Vietnam in recent who tended to run the businesses (as usual). They were quite persecuted after the Communists took over, and most of them fled as boat people.

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10 thoughts on “Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, and Southern and Northern Chinese: How to Tell Them Apart”

  1. Ainus

    Some of the Ainus look like they were of Caucasoid origin. Unlike the mainstream Japanese, they are hairy.



    You wouldn’t believe it but I’ve seen Caucasoid-looking indigenous Vietnamese, Thais, and Indonesians. They might have been a little squint-eyed, but in some cases, I couldn’t tell them apart from a Northern Indian, Iranian, etc. Round eyes, high cheekbones – who would have thought?

    I did ask them if they were of mixed parentage. They denied the involvement of any European ancestry. Surprisingly, their immediate siblings looked more gook-ish.

    1. I told you the indigenous ones can look Caucasoid. I knew a woman from the Philippines who was part of a tribe called the Igorots. She could have been a Spaniard! Yet she told me she was pure Igorot. The Igorots are indigenous Filipinos, older than the more typical type which came to the Philippines ~5,000 YBP. Igorots came even before that, possibly from the South.

    1. The Han are from the center of China – the Yangtze River Valley. Don’t know about the Ming. It might be the same with them.

        1. Hard to say. They just look like average Chinese people. The Central Chinese are the Han. Yes, the Hmong originally came from Xinjiang long ago. They are a Chinese-type of people. Their appearance is quite Chinese. The Mien or Yao look even more Chinese than the Hmong.

          The Hmong have not been in Southern China a long time. They were pushed there by the Han in endless wars. The Hmong have only been in Laos since the 1600-1700’s. They fled there once again after attacks by the Han. The Hmong have been fighting the Han forever.

          1. I wonder if Hmong ruled before Han. I have no clue but Ancient Hmong were said to have many fair heads, which is an interesting visual.

            One site says Chinese have eyes angled upward, Japanese eyes angled down. Another site the exact opposite.

            Interesting how North Chinese Mongol types made it down to Korea.

            Chinese seem like a Twinkie. Golden Mongol type top/outer layer, Han cream filling in the center, browned SEA type at the very bottom.

  2. I can’t explain how to tell the difference in them, but Asian groups are just different for the most part. It’s very noticeable to someone who has studied or traveled in Asia.

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